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  1. So...
  2. Our new baby
  3. I can't believe it, the same day!
  4. My Sister is In The Hospital
  5. Torn between work and doing What You ReallyWant
  6. Creating friendships in adult world
  7. Online friend wants to meet up, I'm nervous.
  8. Let my dog go yesterday
  9. So I am pretty ill...
  10. My poor little girl is gone
  11. Lying on my Resume
  12. Really need some love and prayers here....
  13. I'm pissed beyond pissed and I can't do anything about it!
  14. Lost a friend.
  15. Self-Harm
  16. :(
  17. Being Around People Troubles me Sometimes.
  18. got a dui is my life over?
  19. being diagnosed with depression is more confusing
  20. kinda had enough
  21. I Need Advice. Bad!
  22. Please Pray For My Mom.
  23. fuuuuuck.
  24. Is it bad to feel relief from someone dying?
  25. Job frustration..... So close to perfect......
  26. Disagreement = Confusion
  27. I feel so stuck
  28. Explaining Depression
  29. Where can I download the Follow Through mod?
  30. Giving Advice
  31. Dear friend declared braindead, might die soon. 34/yo female.
  32. Rev's career hits another new low
  33. Resentments.
  34. Pros and cons of baby mama drama.
  35. stuff
  36. Am I Over Reacting?
  37. Suicide
  38. My idol has passed
  39. What Men Need To Live A Happy Life: Epic 75 Year Study In The Making
  40. Yea! Depression!
  41. Fucking Depression
  42. My Cousin Jon
  43. Apartment Subletting?
  44. Brother missing
  45. Quick to Offend
  46. thinking of moving to Colorado but have no idea on what to do
  47. long term relationship troubles
  48. Is this me?
  49. Seeking Help
  50. EX is saying she is pregnant.
  51. How to get better at budgeting?
  52. a question about how to deal with addicts
  53. So My Main Squeeze won't Talk To Me .. Been 2 days..
  54. 420 Clothing (Where to buy and Where to sell)
  55. debilitating shyness
  56. Always Afraid at Work
  57. Quality glass online
  58. The F'n neighbour keeps reporting me!!!
  59. Moving to a New City
  60. Pleading guilty... Fuck
  61. Methadone vs. Fentanyl Patch
  62. my mom died
  63. always come back here.....
  64. Sister is homeless, most likely using, and being abused
  65. A Dog Bit Me in 'Da Face~
  66. Females showing interest <3
  67. Saying I love you
  68. Cousin victim in Kenyan Shooting
  69. A place to meet
  70. I'm not the person I'd like to think I am
  71. Should I pop the question?
  72. My new friend
  73. Is this all there is?
  74. Just some stuff, I didn't know where to put.
  75. Medical Marijuana Growers Application
  76. What to do...
  77. Stress is killing me.
  78. Suicidal ideation on hallucinogens
  79. Fucking Lump
  80. Feeling totally unfulfilled
  81. Ready for some a new place and some peace!!!
  82. Sorry I don't have kids, mom.
  83. When other people affect you negatively
  84. My cat died
  85. My Wife said something pretty big to me tonight
  86. Anti-social tendencies
  87. Kinky and In Love
  88. How have antidepressants helped you?
  89. Good Vibes To Our Friends Thread.
  90. I burn bridges and got nowhere to vent
  91. Make a Change
  92. My Daughter
  93. bad breakup
  94. Divorce
  95. I'm trying to be MAD...I'm trying...but I CAN'T!!
  96. Another Tale from Rev's Misadventures
  97. what would you do? If you can't be serious stay the fuck out
  98. Have to Inform My Children About A Death... Ughhh
  99. Feeling suicidal
  100. Need help with extracting thc but.....
  101. paychic vs pychosis
  102. My GF wants children
  103. Gettin some weed
  104. can't hold down anything
  105. vent
  106. Cancer WTF?
  107. Mutual split but not happy about it.
  108. I think my girlfriend is pregnant..
  109. Dating a Friends Sister
  110. Too much to do..
  111. Shittyish Week
  112. Near Death Experience : Love and Allow Yourself to be Loved
  113. Hey sorry everyone.....
  114. Have to break up with my girl
  115. The Time Has Come at Last
  116. Ditching the cigs..
  117. Well the inevitable happened
  118. R.I.P. Mum!
  119. Tobacco
  120. Quitting Marijuana and leaving the Hooka
  121. my ex wont fuck off
  122. Fucked up my finger
  123. dry buds
  124. Nearing the bottom..
  125. broke up with my wife. alone. pooping blood. shitty?
  126. I never hear the owl anymore
  127. My Father
  128. To Whom it may Concern....
  129. Divorce
  130. Parenting, Youth and Occasional Drug Use
  131. Having a baby..
  132. Sexual Inexperience
  133. Hello Yahooka...
  134. weird psychological question
  135. :(
  136. What I did today..
  137. Hard to believe
  138. I don't like this....
  139. Full Circle
  140. Tonight Budforce passed.....
  141. Depression
  142. Long-term relationship question...to stick it out or no...
  143. Ritalin
  144. I need help.
  145. OMG I have a ferret...and it slept with me~
  146. Kickin the Nic... Rage?
  147. Toiling thoughts misdirect moments
  148. Brutally honest
  149. Ex shit
  150. Choosing to Isolate. ....bad idea.:)
  151. My goodbye letter to drugs
  152. self destruction
  153. I can't Believe it...
  154. My fuckin' kid...
  155. my wife thinks i robbed her
  156. My GF is a fuckin slut and I'm thinking about calling it quits
  157. Aaaahhhh!!!! WTF!!
  158. Madam Meltdown
  159. Hard times for tweed
  160. Girlfriend's dog is making my life hell
  161. Kicking My Cigarette Habit
  162. Work, wages, stress, relationships, etc.
  163. need advice..moving my family think i'm getting F**Ked in the A**
  164. Never been so scared...
  165. quicksand
  166. Looking for a job
  167. Girlfriend cheated on me.
  168. loss of a friend
  169. cutting wrists
  170. change everything
  171. My lovely week
  172. Losing it
  173. Lost my Grandma this Morning
  174. How far would you go for a family member?
  175. My Lover is Gone.
  176. I just realized it's been 15 years
  177. My fish are dying :(
  178. Hoping
  179. Depression
  180. Couldn't think of a title
  181. G&S Rules and Advisories
  182. Binge drinking problem
  183. Checking in...
  184. So my brother died yesterday...
  185. Never forget the sweet release of death
  186. I worry that this a trend and will it ever be stopped?
  187. Rock and a hard place...
  188. an uncle of mine commited suicide
  189. My heart is heavy and sad
  190. Depressing and degrading
  191. confused
  192. had a really bad day @ work
  193. Hey everyone, I have a serious question...
  194. Friend messing up big time
  195. Having Children
  196. I'm afraid I'm going to get fired, not sure what to do
  197. wtf am I complaining for (long, boring, irrelevant read)
  198. Young, Dumb, and full of WTF DO I DO
  199. Anxiety... And all that fun stuff
  200. My inner life is a life of resentment
  201. Should have seen this comeing
  202. Surround me with your light..
  203. me and my boring life...
  204. feeling really good today for the first time sense my friend passed away
  205. Where to turn
  206. should I get circumcised
  207. Butterfaces: Yay or Nay
  208. A place to talk it out...
  209. A serious question about marijuana & pregnancy
  210. not winning
  211. Can I get some input?
  212. gimme dat advice
  213. Are you trying to lose weight/ Build Muscle?
  214. Ex contacted me on facebook
  215. Brain Surgery
  216. Best advice you've got or given?
  217. Dealing with Gossip/Judgement/Opinions
  218. A question for married people
  219. Completely Lost
  220. Questions regarding MMJ and careers
  221. Friend's ex girlfriend
  222. Don't usually ask but...
  223. Text message therapist
  224. I can't get no...
  225. Should I return bad weed?
  226. Busted by Cobb County. 1st time. Help
  227. i need some consolation
  228. my ex...
  229. Aviation jobs and medical cannabis
  230. Just Exhausted With It All
  231. Distance in a relationship
  232. Cheating?
  233. One of my best friends...
  234. Being dragged into zen kicking and screaming...
  235. burnt out from work?? ~~"
  236. Wow I'm Stressed..
  237. It's all a matter of perspective and attitude
  238. Methadone maintenance
  239. Feeling like shit...
  240. In a position I don't want to be in
  241. nervous
  242. overcoming ptsd
  243. someone took my bike
  244. dui
  245. Friend of mine doesn't know how to talk to women
  246. I feel like a commodity
  247. Fathers Day, right?
  248. Lonely
  249. agoraphobia
  250. Wow.... such a small world