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  1. What do you look for in a partner?
  2. Millennials Who Smoke Marijuana Get Laid More and Have More Partners
  3. "you should just rape me"
  4. Nipples
  5. Might be a Dad soon
  6. Honest Opinions on Transvestite's
  7. How gay is it to get a HJ from a dude?
  8. Should you mate for genetics?
  9. Personal Sexperiences: Worst Of
  10. Where was The Strangest Place You've Jerked Off?
  11. What signs that a member of the opposite sex was attracted to you did you notice too late?
  12. Is it worse to cheat on someone, or to fall in love with someone else?
  13. Eating vagina on 'one night stand'
  14. American woman
  15. The fetish thread
  16. escorts
  17. Sex after child birth..
  18. Raw Dog
  19. Shaft Sensitivity
  20. aMore Interesting Sexual Facts...
  21. Toys Toys Toys
  22. sum
  23. Taking It Sloooow
  24. Wood you smash?
  25. The long-distance thing...
  26. Sex... ON DRUGS!
  27. The Penis Owners Manual
  28. Introducing the other half to cannabis
  29. Making her wait..
  30. Cuckold?
  31. Ever miss the honeymoon period?
  32. What's your jizz record..
  33. Does she/he know you..
  34. Have you ever masturbated to pix of friends on FB?
  35. Frustrated
  36. How often do you get it?
  37. Most risqué sex?
  38. doomed love?
  39. Ideas for sexual exploration
  40. Single vs Relationship
  41. Men vs Women...
  42. Sexual Facts...
  43. Too much gum showing in a smile.
  44. Do kids still find porno mags?
  45. sluts
  46. Not sure if I'm supposed to start picking up girls at random
  47. Dirty Talk..
  48. When 2 become 1.
  49. Levels of sexual connection..
  50. Motionless..
  51. Dirty Stories..
  52. Energy Connection
  53. KINK
  54. Do you tell a prostitute you have herpes?
  55. Massage Parlours
  56. Telling what you want...
  57. The "P" spot..and the "G" spot...
  58. long story, short
  59. Sex Shops
  60. im going to hell. at least out on the streets.
  61. The girl I love has self-image issues.
  62. FWB not as appealing as I thought it would be
  63. Fleshlight
  64. Tonight is fucking crazy
  65. A perfect 10???
  66. A hypothetical question on self-lovin'...
  67. The Vagina Institute
  68. When is Your Partner Ripe for the Picking?
  69. Porn Clichés
  70. National Masturbate to Christine O'Donnell Month!
  71. Stopping to pee during sex
  72. craig's list
  73. Real Male Fantasies
  74. How many partners is too many for HER?
  75. Foreign pornography FTL?
  76. Lube + Anal = Bad
  77. Best porn sites for videos
  78. tall girls
  79. (Suck on my) Angry Red Balls
  80. People think it's funny but I don't at all.
  81. RE: Abnormal Sex (from craigslist)
  82. Your Most Embarrassing Sexual Moment
  83. Turn-Ons; Turn-Offs
  84. they made me do it..
  85. Varying levels of experience
  86. yes or no?
  87. Iwannaknow.org (sexual health website)
  88. General/ Sexual/ Child Abuse,Domestic Violence, Post Traumatic Stress Resources
  89. Owww
  90. Young Boys 100 Step Guide To Getting Her To Agree To Let You Fuck Her Ass
  91. Whatever happened to courtship?
  92. Why can't a boy be nice to a girl?
  93. Unrequited Love
  94. Have you gone black and gone back?
  95. Crazy events in the sexual lifespan
  96. Natural remedies for sustained sickness?
  97. Women: Discontinuing Birth Control Pills
  98. No Sexual Attraction
  99. Titteh orgasms... ... neck orgasms?
  100. Is there such a thing as too Much GREAT SEX?
  101. 1 bottle 3 chicks 1 lip ring
  102. 10_things_you_didn_t _know_about_orgasm
  103. Will 16 get me 20?
  104. No Masturbation for 2 Weeks
  105. RIP Marilyn Chambers
  106. I'm hating sex atm
  107. Do you kiss her in the mouth...
  108. Ladies love to give head
  109. Shaved or Natural?
  110. what gets a girl wet...
  111. Sex while a chick...
  112. Cunninglingus
  113. Behind the Green Door