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BudSniffer 05-26-2015 05:17 PM

2015 Veggies/Herbs
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Anyone got any vegetables growing this year? herbs? Let's see what ya got!

Just got all the tomato cages up and wheat straw around everything. It's got onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, potatoes, green peas, hot peppers, yellow squash, cucumbers. And got some butternut and hubbard squash plants to put in, plus still got to get my okra seeds planted!

Got a "Carrot bag" full of carrots, about ready to start picking a few.

My herb bed, with Lemon balm, sage, thyme, chives, french tarragon, dill, basil.

The green peas are bloomin' their butts off and got a good many pods, just not filled out yet.
Horseradish is doing pretty good...for some reason the ones in the pots are doing better than the ones in the ground.

BudSniffer 05-26-2015 05:20 PM

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Also got a big patch of oregano at the front end of the veggie garden. It's full of buds, fixing to is the time to harvest it. Took a pic of this potato blooming.

BudSniffer 06-25-2015 05:02 PM

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Started getting a few things, potatoes and a few hot peppers, some english peas, onions and 2 or 3 bulbs of garlic...Tomatoes were looking good, had lots of big green ones on them, until this morning I went out to check on them and the stankin' #$#%*&!!! deer been eatin' them! Then was out on the patio this evening, saw my cat look toward the road and there was a deer crossing the road, so I headed toward the garden and there was another deer grazing on a tomato plant! I hollered at it and it jumped the I went and got my stink spray and drenched everything, let them get a taste/smell of that! :)

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