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"Today's activists will be tomorrow's hero's. Be a hero yourself.

Posted 06-02-2009 at 09:27 PM by DavidRFord

1. Dave Ford makes it clear that:

"Today's activists will be tomorrow's hero's. Be a hero yourself. When you see a Letter to the Editor (LTE)
written about lies about marijuana; write your own letter, and compliment the person who wrote the LTE that caused you to write your letter.

2. Let's take a quote from a Dave Ford, talk:
"Marijuana prohibition was caused by, and is fueled today by, ignorance, arrogance, politics, greed, power, money, corruption, outright lies, perjury, and racism. Also, government lies about the safest therapeutically active substances known to man."

3. National recognized marijuana author Dave Ford wants the world to know that marijuana is the safest medicine, and high. It should never have been prohibited either for its euphoric value, and as virtually the world's safest medicine.

4. Author Dave Ford makes it clear that its understandable when we're lied to for 70 years,- is it no wonder that millions of people still be the governments propaganda, that marijuana is a "gateway drug", leading to hard drugs. Dave Ford makes it clear, with outstand references on his books, Good Medicine, Great Sex!, and Marijuana Not Guilty As Charged, both books present outstanding scientific evidence, that the majority of pot smokers do not do other drugs.

5. Author Dave Ford, say" The average recreational pot smoker uses two joints a week, and the average cigarette smokes twenty cigarettes a day=that 140 a week. And keep in mind that pot contains no addictive-deadly nicotine.

6. Marijuana author Dave Ford, makes it clear how pot enhances sex.
Read his book, Good Medicine, Great Sex! it contains dozen's of true-life sexual adventures. See Dave's website, [url=]David R. - books about marijuana use for Good Medicine, Great Sex[/url]'
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  1. Old Comment
    I'm in full agreement, i've been smoking for 15 years now mainly for medical reasons but i also enjoy a pizza with my mates, with my ingredients :-)
    It pisses me of that these money grabing bastards that use a plant that can bring so much into this world in all aspects for thier own gain and ignorance, one day in 200 hundred years time thjey'll look back to these times and think God where they bloody stupid, they incourage criminality and destroy lifes through thier own irresponsibility or because the goverment told them so. It's about time this lunacy stop. I'm in full agreement that kids that are just starting life should be protected from the dangers, also some physcological problems can't be treated with THC, but lets face it look at the wonders it can bring. My statement to Goverments of countries that prohibit this plant you are going to make Canada one of the riches countries in the world, good on you Canada your wisdom shall pay ;-))
    Oil companies, them that slaughter the Amazons for wood, all Chemical companies your days are numbered, through your stupidity and irrashtional behavior. Any man that says hash destroys the brain cells, as quoted from Ronald Regan ( thats a paradox the man needed a good joint ) i'm a English teacher, have a great controlled life and love it. I must have been smoking the wrong stuff ;-)))
    Time shall tell, intelegence shall prevail over stupidity and greed ;-))

    Posted 07-30-2009 at 03:59 PM by Thomas McCormic Thomas McCormic is offline

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