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The Dawn of A New Populism?

Posted 02-22-2011 at 07:56 PM by Dr. Nick Nasty

By most sociological standards, we are overdue for a major social upheaval both domestically and abroad. Despite quite different levels of living (thought decreasing in difference), people in the Middle East and the Midwest are asserting rights to a share of their government from the corrupt Corporate-Empire in DC.
The tactics are remarkably similar too-non violent occupation and resistance against corporate-backed thug movement (the Koch Party) and other hired thugs and crooks (Egyptian Gestapo), as well as the implied or explicit approval of the police apparatus, itself privatized and assaulted by the assassination attempts on unions, who now decides where its loyalty ought lie.
At the same time on the Old Right/Genuine libertarian front, Ron Paul looks to be running for president again. His state's rights, anti-war, anti-bailout, anti-bank, anti-drug PATRIOT Act, and anti-subsidy stances are playing to tired political non-archists and radicals across the spectrum. The lines are no longer left and right, but the centralized state and Global Feudalism vs. the free and small federation on the other.

Which side will you be on?
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