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Common Sense Populism

Posted 08-13-2011 at 06:11 PM by Dr. Nick Nasty

Freedom to innovate is at all levels the right of the people.-US Pirate Party Platform

Populism is, at it's core, the belief that institutions should serve the people, not an economic or intellectual elite. All must and should cooperate, but we should not deny the competitive aspects of us that create innovation and advancement.

Populism believes that not all things should be for sale, particularly access to education, health insurance, and access to a minimum income.

Populism believes egalitarianism floursihes when lawmaking power is in the hands of the people directly. It therefore supports, to the greatest level of competency, keeping power close to the people with direct democratic mechanisms. Any neccesary representation must be restricted to issues of extreme expertise, and always subject to public recall.

Populism believes that productive property rightfully belongs to those who labor on it. It therefore stands for private, cooperative worker ownership pf the means of production in all industries except those of absolute public neccesity. It opposes the notion of 'intellectual property.'

Populism opposes the use of usury in the banking system and therefore calls for an end to a debt-based monetary system.

Populism seeks the end of the centralized state and the globalized economy.

Populism recognizes the fundamental rights of all as prescribed under the Bill of Rights, but also recognizes some need for local cultural autonomy.

Populism opposes offensive, costly warfare as odious and immoral.

Populism values the enviroment and scientific reasoning, while recognizing faith has an important place in making moral judgements.

Populism opposes all attacks on labor's productivity (including an income tax and barriers to worker organization or ownership).

Populism opposes inherited wealth on the grounds that inheritance creates idleness and corruption.

Populism believes the public need for information that is both informed and, to the greatest extent possible, unbiased, is a fundamental right that cannot be subject to the profit principle.

Populism believes soverignty, and the right to declare what constitutes citizenship in a nation, rests with the people.

Populism recognizes that issues like immigration and inequality cannot be addressed until the global economic playing field is fair. It therefore supports an end to corporate global trade and the creation of bilateral trade agreements.

Common sense is something that should be more than a watchword. It is our only hope.
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