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Why Ron Paul

Posted 08-30-2011 at 05:19 PM by Dr. Nick Nasty

I oppose Ron Paul's social conservatism and his cutesy racial rhetoric and anti-unionism.

I oppose the laughable concept that egoistic individualism can preserve a society.All economies must deal with the question of fair resource distribution through public channels of some type.

With that said, there has not been a more consistent individual representative on:

-Opposition to War, Military Industrial Complex, and Empire Building

- Opposition to torture and all related activities

- Opposition to NAFTA, CAFTA, and the World Finance and Trade Regime.

- Opposition to Corporate Welfare.

- Calling for an audit and end to the Federal Reserve System.

- Knowing the income tax was a historical war scam (Leftists in the 60s used to point this out, as has Cindy Sheehan).

- Legitimately believeing in the concept of States' Rights, irrespective of his policy disargeements with the 'Blue' States.

- Opposition to the Federal Drug War.

- Opposition to the banking 'de-regulation' scam that ended Glass-Stegall Separations on speculative and personal banking.

- Defending civil liberties and opposition to the National Security State before AND after 9/11.

- Calling for an end to the CIA and its 60 year reign of global and domestic clandestine terror.

- Actually being serious about the debt and the drain Empire first and foremost contributes to it.

- Understanding the well orchestrated coming capital flight from the US.

Until the Greens or some other person on whatever remains on the so called Left can find some balls, I'll root for the bizzare semi-reactionary over a corporatist fraud.
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