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guerilla gardening!

Posted 04-09-2009 at 08:05 PM by Jimmycube

This is a fun lil thing we learned to do back when lain and i were part of a wiccan coven during our early college years (yeah, thats another story to tell someday). Each spring we still make a few batches and bomb the more neglected areas of our neighborhood. Its always a lot of fun making the earth a bit nicer to look at and you can get pretty mischievous with the whole thing depending on the seeds used.

For instance, its a great way to plant weed in public places in seconds. Throwing them in rich peoples perfect rose beds could be quite fun. I personally like throwing datura bombs on golf courses (sorry golfers but u suck). The datura grows fast, spreads easy and is hard as fuck to kill. Its not hard to think of even more evil uses if one so desires.

How to make seed bombs:


1. Mixed seeds (use native seeds to your local eco-system)

2. Compost

3. Powdered red or brown clay (if u live by a steam u can probably find it or its called terra-cotta, is really cheap and at ceramic supply stores ever place)

3. Water


1. Combine 2 parts mixed seeds with 3 parts compost.

2. Stir in 4 parts powdered red or brown clay.

3. Moisten with water until mixture is damp enough to mold into balls

4. Pull a lil chunk of your "bomb mixture" out of the bowl and roll it in your palms until its a tight ball about 1 inch in diameter.

5. Now let them dry for about 24-48 hours on some newspaper. Store em in a cool dry place and they are ready to rock anytime.

They dont need to be buried or watered which is whats so sweet. They will self germinate when conditions are right so toss away and watch em grow yo.
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