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Marijuana operations shut down

Posted 09-22-2009 at 09:33 PM by jsknow

Marijuana operations shut down

Is anyone safer because of this? Have we gained anything by defaming these people and saddling them with a criminal arrest record? I’m sure we needed the DEA and the Texas Rangers to assist and help waste thousands of our tax dollars in the process. After all they netted 1 marijuana plant. Did you notice all the scare tactics in this article and the attempt to demonize these people? OHHH my, the plants were grown using hydroponics (a farming method that doesn’t require dirt and uses a small water pump to send liquid nutrients to the plants). They had a “carbon dioxide generator”, (you know carbon dioxide… the same substance we breathe out when we exhale… yep sounds very dangerous to me). “Investigators catalogued each and every hydroponics supply including drying racks, dehumidifiers and basic supplies.” Kerss points to the different chemicals . "This is obviously where they're mixing the nutrients to go into the water they're supplying those plants with." … And let’s not forget that about five miles away they found another big time growing operation in a bathroom cabinet. I wonder how many marijuana plants they passed along the five mile ride?

A hydroponics grow lab? Since when is growing plants considered a lab? Does this really sound like “organized criminal activity”?

“Street value of six thousand dollars an ounce”? That’s 96,000 dollars per pound, I wonder where Sheriff Thomas Kerss, who estimated that value has been buying his pot? He should probably shop around for a better deal!

At some point the American voters must wake up and ask “why is marijuana really illegal”? Not one single person in all of recorded history has ever died from ingesting the ingredients in marijuana. Marijuana is almost completely nontoxic. It’s virtually impossible to overdose from marijuana. You most likely have far more deadly chemicals under the sinks in your house and in your garage, yet almost everyone uses those DEADLY chemicals safely with almost no legal restriction at all.

Back to the real question. Why does our government hunt down and punish otherwise completely law abiding citizens and criminalize them over marijuana? Where is the danger to society, families and individuals? Before you start worrying about the dangers to the children please consider the chemicals under your sink and in your garage and remember no one in all of recorded history has ever died from ingesting marijuana.

If you want the real truth it can be summed up in one word: CORRUPTION. Marijuana was made illegal because of corruption and it remains illegal because of corruption. The gateway theory is a farce, most people use tobacco, alcohol, caffeine or some other legal but deadly substance long before they try marijuana. The gateway theory is nothing but another scare tactic. There is a reason 13 states have overridden federal law and allowed their citizens to use marijuana as medicine and 10 others are working on similar legislation. The voters are learning the truth. The big drug companies and others that profit from the illegal status of marijuana contribute an estimated one million dollars per day toward drug war propaganda to keep marijuana illegal. Why do you suppose that is? Have you noticed the warning disclaimers attached to most of the FDA approved drugs you see advertised? Did you notice how many include the possibility of death? Drug companies need to worry, once this nontoxic drug is available to the public, what’s going to happen to the sales of their deadly drugs?

We’re installing 900 new prison beds and hiring 150 new correction officers every two weeks in the US. We spend 69 billion tax dollars per year on the failed drug war. We have more people behind bars than any other nation on earth here in the “land of the free”. Almost half of all drug arrests are for marijuana. Does this really sound like good policy to you? If not, then it’s time for every voter to stand up and say enough is enough, we’re tired of being unjustly and unreasonably persecuted and lied to by our government!

Do yourself a favor and learn the truth about marijuana and those that profit from its prohibition. The year alcohol prohibition ended violent crime fell by 65%. Marijuana prohibition turns this virtually harmless weed into a valuable illegal commodity on the black market and therefore creates a violent, illegal, hugely high profit, untaxed, criminal enterprise that will not exist once we the voters put our feet down and legalize marijuana. The exact same thing happened when we prohibited alcohol.

Learn the TRUTH here:
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