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I'll come here from time to time and post my random stories, thoughts, and observations. This is my place for stuff that I feel might be too... "outside" for the forums or for more personal shit that I don't want just any YaHookan seeing. If you've stumbled across this blog, feel free to read away! Comment if the spirit moves you, just try to keep it pleasant.
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Some Thoughts....

Posted 10-10-2010 at 12:52 AM by SmokeaJoint

What is the purpose in life? To live, to love, then to die? What for? People go to work everyday, working jobs they hate to pay bills for credit card purchases on shit they don't need. Through this pursuit of false happiness we create a cycle of misery that self perpetrates. On a global scale, humanity wages wars, perpetrates disease and starvation, fights over stupid shit like territory and religion. Why? Whats the point? Nothing is gained, and if anything the result is loss. So, where do we begin fixing it? How do we go about telling everyone they're doing it wrong? Even worse, what if they're not wrong? What if the natural order is to hate, to steal, to kill, and to die? Where does that leave people like me who feel alienated within the way things are?
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    Sage Tree's Avatar
    To look inward, at their own life and values and how they act upon those beliefs maybe?
    Posted 10-26-2010 at 10:28 AM by Sage Tree Sage Tree is offline

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