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I'll come here from time to time and post my random stories, thoughts, and observations. This is my place for stuff that I feel might be too... "outside" for the forums or for more personal shit that I don't want just any YaHookan seeing. If you've stumbled across this blog, feel free to read away! Comment if the spirit moves you, just try to keep it pleasant.
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People are The Problem

Posted 01-14-2011 at 04:11 PM by SmokeaJoint

've been saying it for a long time now, people are the problem. Allow me to explain further.

When you look at nature and the balance of things, it all works just fine. Sure, there is conflicts and lives are taken. However, this is the way of life and nothing can change that. This is not "The Problem" I speak of. The problem is bigger. The Problem is the health of the planet for one. No, I'm not gonna go all tree-hugger and hippy or anything. However, we have done some pretty nasty damage. Nuclear waste is a good one. Damming major rivers and harming wildlife is another. The list goes on, I'm sure you get the idea.

People kill each other, seemingly indiscriminately and without reason much of the time. We wage war over things that don't really matter. We invent greater and greater engines of destruction to the point where there is enough accumulated nuclear firepower to destroy our planet.

Human beings bring upon one another horrors that surpass even the fear of death. We as a species literally force other humans into living conditions too terrible for words. Think of Nazi camps. Think of the native americans and the Trail of Tears. Think of slavery, of Rwanda, of Guantanamo.

There is a huge divide of class separation based on wealth and power. People are forever stuck in a socio-economic rut, subject to the wills of governments and the vast number of inhumane affronts perpetrated by these groups.

This is The Problem. There are facets of society and civility that attempt to corral people from their seemingly intrinsic nature for self destruction, but as history and modern occurances alike show, it is a vain effort. The obvious solution is also one that is likely to not happen any time soon, so I will leave this as a rant alone.

Thanks for reading, sorry about the Wall of text but I felt it was necessary
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