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I'll come here from time to time and post my random stories, thoughts, and observations. This is my place for stuff that I feel might be too... "outside" for the forums or for more personal shit that I don't want just any YaHookan seeing. If you've stumbled across this blog, feel free to read away! Comment if the spirit moves you, just try to keep it pleasant.
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My Utopia

Posted 02-09-2011 at 12:47 AM by SmokeaJoint

This is only partially serious, just in case someone reads it and feels offended or something. Anyways...

In my utopia, people have finally realized that it is the urges of greed and rage caused society's biggest issues. In my Utopia, technology will serve only the purpose of helping provide for human sustenance and betterment of the world as a whole. No weapons, no media entertainment, no Big Pharma, none of the unnecessary bullshit. Over farming would cease as surplus would become unnecessary. Food shortage and starvation would be no more as we would use green technologies to transport supplies to regions with famine or drought. Overpopulation would reverse over time as single child families would become the mandated norm. Medicine would be practiced holistically, free of charge, and medications with negative side effects would be denied approval for sale. The laws would focus on prosecuting violent offenders, and the right to experience altered states of consciousness would be a natural born right and allowed within the law. The government would be the will of the people, and would be handled on a local level. The monetary system would be disbanded, and what little trade remained would be handled via the barter system.

Now that we have the base society outlined, I'm going to list some perks that I feel would make it a true Utopia.

Note: Because of the healthy, active lifestyle that my Utopia engenders, there are no fat chicks in my world.
Women between the ages of 18-35 will go topless. At all times unless weather prohibits. Jobs will consist of growing food an maintaining your home. There will be Government sponsored Cannabis Farms, where they grow weed to supply it to the people for free. As a service, see? To reduce stress and improve quality of life. Homes and other buildings would be constructed of all the plastics that are sitting in today's landfills. New buildings wouldn't be built afterwards since a plastic building would outlast humanity. If for some reason a building needed to be torn down, or one needed to be made, well we would just melt down an existing structure and recast it. Genetic screening would become commonplace so that children with mental handicaps or physical limitations wouldn't be born, and any defect that could be treated using emerging (and hopefully in my Utopia's time it's been developed further) genetic medicine would be treated, free of charge of course. The power used in daily life would be a result of green, sustainable technologies such as wind farms and tidal generators. Fossil fuels would be outlawed and all means of transport would have to be zero emissions. Only water vapor or O2 are acceptable exhaust. All religious elements effecting current laws would be removed and replaced with logic and common sense. And finally, there would be a special game preserve where avid hunters and sportsmen could go and hunt Zombies. Because Zombie hunting is a win.

SmokeaJoint for President!!!!
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