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up in smoke: my crazy day

Posted 05-04-2009 at 12:14 AM by tasteefreez

so i'm 18 and i was a bum when i was a teenager and i just now got my first legal job ever. i work at a pet supply store, which is notbad for a first job and i got paid and got my check today and i was like shit, my first real paycheck, i'm gonna go and do some thing nice for myself so i go on the computer and think well maybe i can find something to do right now and i went on myspace (i know lame as hell right.) so i did that and i looked at my bulletins and i saw a thing for some legalize marijauna three huhdred city thing.
so i decided on that and told my dad i was leaving. then i realise i got no money for the bus and i asked to get like five bucks and i made sure to ask if the five dollar cta pass would work on the pace bus. he said it would, loaned me five bucks and there my adventure began.
it is a tale of frustration and hapiness, one of cursing everything and thanking anything,the longest run ever. today i was comparing my life with cheech and chong, and harold and kumar. except with just me a short,chubby, crazy haired, chink i'd,white, little stoner girl, wandering the streets and transit system of chicago, seeing crazy shit and meeting new people.
so i just got my pass after waiting in the jewel and listening to some old lady who kept geting confused about how much mulch she wanted to buy. it usually wouldnt aggravate me to wait but i was cutting it close for geting on the bus, the el, getting off the el, cashing my check, getting back on the el, and taking it to the loop for a place where there would most likely be cool people, music and some one i could buy bud from. it was cutting it close, at that point i only had an hour and a half. i got on the bus and put my card in and it said invalid and the driver said they didnt take cta cards anymore. i stood there and looked dissapionted for a minute and then said i had no more money. he asked where i was going and i told him the cta station and he told me it was cool and to sit down. i thought allwas ruined and it smoothed itself over. exhibit a.
next thing that happens is that i go to the el it takes twenty minutes to get there. i get off go to the mula exchange and try to cash my check. even that didn't go right. it took a damn half hour in there cause i never went there before. so i stay cool. i get on the train again after another twenty minutes of waiting. i think well i have another twenty minutes or so, as long as there aren't delays i should be fine. so i went on the train and halfway there on the north side they detoured us to a shuttle buss right before a cubs game. the traffic was fucked then i had to walk it to the place cause the shuddle wouldn't take me that far and i would have to wait for another train and that would have took longer. so i get there and all of the people are gone for the most part and the people that were left were playing drums and guitars and packing up and i asked this guy were the after party was he said he didnt know where there was one and i was pretty bummed. so when he saw this one guy he asked him where the after party would be. the guy told me some adress that was far as helll and said i don't know how to get there by buss and that walking don't hurt though. exhibit b.
so i said ok and went and looked for the after party on foot.
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