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The Dedication that Never Happened

Posted 11-12-2007 at 11:22 PM by

Do you remember when Gov died? I think it brought a realization that anyone of us could be non-existent at any time. (At least in this world) I really wanted to do something special for him in his honor.

I had a friend give me a link to a pretty cool website utilizing Google Maps. You can check out the url at:

I stumbled on this website and thought it was a cool idea and I would like to replicate it in some way, shape, or form. The idea that I had was to create a 'Drug War' Incident Map. That would map everything and plot all events in regards to the 'Drug War'

From what I can tell it looks like it is a Google Maps mashup combined with some kind of RSS robots that gather information and physical coordinates from news site like Google News.

What I would like to accomplish is to define a number of keywords and stories that would be fetched and displayed on the map similar to how it is done on globalincidentmap.

In addition to news sites I would like to retreive articles from digg. The ability to provide different 'Views' to the user based on certain keywords would be a welcomed feature.

I dont have a clue how is done, but I know that there are some very competent coders who could develop this project for me. So, I am awaiting to hear your proposals as I would still like to get the project done and dedicate it to the gov.

Here is a finalized document that I submitted to a few coders, but for some reason or another they never got back with me, so I am going to post it on here in hopes that someone would want to do the project.

Finalized Document


The scheduled program will be developed using Linux FC & Php 5.0 and / or AJAX if so desired.. The company that is contracted to develop this program will have its own developmental environment and the program will be considered as complete once it has met all the stated requirements and is installed on the customer's server operating and functioning 100 percent.

Outline for Project - Drug War Map

Purpose of the program:

To be able to plot via Google Map news articles and blogs as retrieved from Google News based on criteria as developed by the administrator.

Features of the Program;

The ability for the admin to define a view, associates the view with a group, and associate the keywords according to that particular view.

To ability to present different views to the public. For example Drug Testing might have 5 keywords that would encompass a view for the public. Marijuana legalization might have 4 keywords.

The ability of the program to 'fetch new articles' for a predetermine interval. For example the program would fetch articles every 24 hours for a particular view.

The ability to set a default timeline which would display and articles based on that particular timeline for the each established view. For example: One view might have a default time line setting of 7 days, another might be 30 days.

The ability for the users to set up a custom time line for viewing. For example suppose a customer wants to view all articles for a certain view for 90 days, or 180 days. The customer should be able to do that.

The ability for the user to do a custom search based on a particular keyword. The search only searches those articles that are in the database. (This feature has not been discussed)

The ability for the user to create an account. This would allow the customer to customize their list with what views that they wish to be displayed. In addition the administrator could define which views are public and which views are for the admin. (This feature has not been discussed)

All articles and blogs meeting the keyword criteria will be saved locally to the computer along with the date and time stamp of the retrieval.

When the robot retrieve the news articles, using Google News, with the corresponding keywords the program to make a diligent attempt to associate the news article with a particular location. For example Washington Times should be associated with the physical location of Washington DC. The blog would not be able to be plotted, so they would be in an area called related Blogs which would be underneath the Google Map presenting the plots form the news articles.

If for some reason a news articles does not have a particular geographical location associated with it the program would need to put the article in a 'Holding Area" and the administrator would need to manually define coordinates. The coordinates should be received by type in the city / state / country and should be easily associated with the articles in the holding area. Once that particular article has been associated with coordinates all other articles from that same news source should use the same coordinates thereafter with out any manual inputting.
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  1. Old Comment's Avatar
    I have decided to move forward again on this project. I am actively seeking a team of programmers to work on this project. PM if you are interested. Stay tune for updated information.

    Posted 11-19-2007 at 10:25 AM by is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Linkey's Avatar
    looks like a great idea!

    you should post this in the forums
    Posted 12-01-2007 at 11:02 AM by Linkey Linkey is offline
  3. Old Comment
    El Coyote's Avatar
    WTF? There's blogs on Yahooka?
    Posted 12-01-2007 at 12:23 PM by El Coyote El Coyote is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Linkey's Avatar
    lol i discovered something before weedwax

    Posted 12-01-2007 at 08:32 PM by Linkey Linkey is offline
  5. Old Comment
    El Coyote's Avatar
    Only by a few hours n00b. My registration date AND post count still pwn j00!!!!!!1
    Posted 12-06-2007 at 02:28 AM by El Coyote El Coyote is offline

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