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Drug Testing Ask your questions about drug testing here. Use the Search to find past postings on your question.

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How to use someone elses urine in a drug test

I'd like to know how to do this, little help?
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One can try
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If you want an alternative route other than dilution or any of other quick-fix methods, then may I suggest Pass a Drug Test - Urine Drug Test - Hair Drug Test - Saliva Drug Test with our Proven Drug Testing Solutions. A little on the pricey side, but you pay for quality and their products are guaranteed. Using someone else's urine jeopardizes you more than you think. How do you really absolutely know that this person is clean? Anyway, scroll through the sticky threads to find a method suitable for you.
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DO NOT ATTEMPT unless you have something that keeps it warm and it's NOT being sent to a lab. That being said this is the simplest of task just wear skin tight under wear boxer/briefs, hide the urine filled condom or balloon inside your them and then use said urine into cup. Make sure your not afraid to get your hands dirty, cause you will. Hide all trash in your boxers/briefs. Key thing is temp must be 99+, L.L. bean, REI and Hudson trail outfitters have hand warmers that use butane to heat up you can try this. Good luck.
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what about as a female....? i have had someone tell me to use a clear eyes (or similar) bottle. b/c they need at least 30 mL of urine to test, the bottles hold 30 with that lil bit missing at the top when you buy it... i figure, stick the bottle 'in there' if that makes sense, and that should keep it up to temp... and they dont watch you piss, they just dont let you flush or wash your hands and empty your pockets...
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I've used a "friend's" urine with great success before, except they were using heroin.

Unless you trust, with your freedom or the possibility of you losing this job (whatever the reason for the UA), the person you're getting the piss from, don't do it. Someone who called themselves my friend gave me urine with heroin metabolites in it, lied about it, and then relented when i showed him the test results...

it's risky business, yo.
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