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Part 1 - Legal Considerations

Part 2 - Grow Room Design and Setup

Part 3 - General Plant Care

Part 4 - Seeds, Germination and the Seedling Growth Stage

Part 5 - The Vegetative Growth Stage

This section looks at the issues surrounding vegetative growth and growing those plants big and strong.

Part 6 - Flowering Growth Stage

This section looks at the issues surrounding flowering and producing those nice sensi buds we like so much.

o What photperiod should I use for flowering?
- Photoperiod - Bloom photoperiod definitions

o How can I tell the sex of my plants?
- Sexing - Cannabis plant sex examples
- More examples

o What is opposite/alternate phyllotaxy?
- The way that nodes grow on a plant stem. Opposite means they grow symmetrically, alternate means they are staggered.

o Can I control flowering stretch?
- Fertiliser - Using your feeding schedule to help control stretch

o Should I fertiliser my plants right through to harvest?
- Flushing- You don't want all those nasty chemical ferts in your smoke

o What sort of yield can I expect from my space?
- Yield and Space - A hard things to guess at but VERY commonly asked

Part 7 - Harvesting and Curing

This section looks at harvesting and curing, make your bud taste GOOOOD.

o When should I harvest?
- When to Harvest - When to harvest for best effect and yield by looking at trichomes
- Harvesting - Another great thread showing when to harvest

o Outdoor Harvesting:
- Maturation & Harvesting Chart - -When to harvest outdoors

o Any info about drying and curing and general harvesting?
- Drying/Curing - Different Drying/Curing Methods
- Just Harvested Now What? - Examples of harvesting methods
- Harvesting Pics - Two stage trim shown in a great grow thread
- Hung out to Dry - Oh my goodness look at these :)

o I thought manicuring was for beauty parlours, what's it got to do with weed?
- Which parts of the plant do I keep/throw away? - Thread detailing what to keep or discard and showing how to manicure
- Manicuring - Article detailing manicuring drying and curing
- lol, he said tools - Thread about manicuring tools

o How can I store my bud?
- Awesome amounts bomb weeeed storage - How to keep your weed in top condition

o What gets me high in Cannabis and can my harvest/cure effect this?
- THC and CBDs - Information regarding the active ingredients in Cannabis

o How much dry bud will I get from this wet harvest?
- Wet to Dry - As your bud dries it loses moisture... and weight

Part 8 - Continuing Your Crop, Breeding and Propogation

This section looks at continuing your crop through cloning, breeding or grafting.

o How do I select and care for a mother plant?
- Mother Plants - Selection and care

o How can I control the size of my mother plant- can I trim the roots?
- Pruning Roots A masterclass in root pruning

o How do I clone (posh word for take a cutting)?
- General Cloning Advice - How to clone
- Cloning Pictorial - In depth cloning thread
- More cloning advice - A few problem solving tips
- Oasis Cloning - How to clone in Oasis
- Air-Layering - A technique that allows you to clone ON the mother plant to ensure healthy rooting

o Do you have any information on breeding a strain?
- It's a big subject but here's some stuff which should be of interest-
- Marijuana Botany - Classic info from R C Clarke- see chapter 3 for breeding
- how to create a true breeding strain - An article from 420Mag forums
- DJ Short Articles - A lot of interesting info including some stuff about breeding
- Breeding Techniques - Breeding tech thread started by Neville Schoenmakers "the godfather of seedbanks" at mrnice forums

o What are Filial Groups (F1, F2 etc)?
- Filial Groups - Damn these breeders are confusing, this sounds like maths ta me

o How can I pollinate a small section of my plant?
- Flower me Short - A pollination tech

o What is Grafting?
- Grafting - Grafting information

Part 9 - Problem Solving

This section covers some plant and grow common problems

o I think my plant my have a nutrient disorder, how do I know what it is and what to do?
- Nutrient Disorder Solver - Simple guide to what is wrong with your plants

o Spidermites are ravaging my plants, help.
- Spidermites - Everything you ever wanted to know about mites and more.
- Spidermites - Yet more about mites.

o Thrips are ravaging my plants, help!
- Thrips - Info on that critter known as the thrips.

o My plants are infested with annoying gnats, what can I do?
- Fungus Gnats - It's a war, us or them.

Part 10 - Fine Tuning

This section covers the extra bits and piece you can do to your grow to really dial it in.

o Does additional CO2 benefit a grow?
- CO2 - It does but it has to be thought about as more than an addition, other factors need to be right to make it efficient

o Is UV a good or bad thing for my grow?
- UV - Some UV discussion

o Is there any science to back up the UV theory that it promotes resin content?
- UV and Resin - Sticky icky

Part 11 - Extras

A few things that don't go anywhere else

o Do any other plants look like pot?
- Look Alikes - Quite a few in fact


o So where does Hemp stand in all this Cannabis malarky?
- Hemp - The Demonized Seed

Image Posting

o How to post images on Yahooka?
- Image Posting - A full guide
- Resizing - Quick and easy


- Conversions

Click here for a good online weights and measure converter.

Glossary of Terms
Compiled By Dandaweedman

Some common, and not so common terms.

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