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YaHooka Guidelines
    YaHooka is... cannabis lovers from around the world pulling up a comfy chair... picking up a vaporizer, a bong, a brownie, a pipe, or a joint... getting high, stoned, buzzed or healthy... uniting our minds in conversation... while Portraying a Positive Image of marijuana and marijuana users to the world.
    Treat your fellow YaHookans with kindness, respect and tolerance.
    The one thing we have in common is our love of marijuana. Aside from that, we are an incredibly diverse group. We are every size, shape, color, age, religion and personality type. At times, the only thing we will all agree upon is that marijuana is a good thing. Always keep in mind that our words and actions are being observed, and we must strive to portray a positive image of marijuana and those who use it to the world in order to promote the cause.
Posting Guidelines
  • Repeating your post in multiple forums, spam and advertisements are not welcome and will be deleted.
  • Crude behavior, insults, name calling, continuing abusive, negative and argumentative posts are not welcome and may be edited or deleted.
  • YaHooka is not a place for explicit pornography or crude pictures. While the Sexuality & Free For All forum may contain nude photos, we reserve the right to delete any photos we feel have exceded the bounds of civility.
  • Posts encouraging illegal behavior such as stealing or scamming are not welcome.
  • YaHooka is NOT to be used for the buying and selling of ANY drug. Posts looking for "hook-ups" are not allowed.
  • Racism, violence, threats, and promotion of hatred and discrimination are not welcome and will be deleted.
  • YaHooka is primarily a marijuana site and does not condone or encourage the use of hard drugs. The "Other Highs" forum is for questions, education and harm reduction.
Moderating Guidelines.
  • Moderators are primarily peace-keepers and should be patient, helpful, tolerant and slow to anger.
  • Moderators will edit, delete or modify posts they feel do not reflect our forum guidelines. Threads and posts will be moved into their appropriate forums when necessary.
  • Some of our forums are more strictly moderated than others. Please remain aware of which forum you are posting in, and that forum's specific guidelines.
  • Avatars, Titles and Signatures and Images are also subject to our guidelines.
  • Those who persist in posting against our guidelines will at first have their posts edited or deleted and where necessary a warning issued. They may then be restricted from posting in certain forums.
  • If a member persists in posting against our guidelines, appropriate disciplinary measures such as restricting forum priviledges or restricting forum access will be applied. If all attempts at gaining cooperation fail, members may be banned from the forum altogether. Disciplinary measures such as banning are decided by consensus among our Moderators and Administrators, with input from our valued members.
  • If you have suggestions or comments, please post in the Feedback Forum.

Current Mood

You can tell other users how you feel using the current mood flag in your profile.

In your UserCP click on the edit profile link and use the drop down to select your mood. This will be displayed with your username and avatar every time you post.

Has this been asked before button?
This button allows you to do a quick search for similar topics as the one you are about to post. It searches on the words in your post title, please avoid adding punctuation e.g. ? when using this button.

How do I add an image to my post?

Contributed By Sureshot

First step is to resize your images to keep them under the 100k size limit here at Yahooka.

The programme I use to do any resizing work is called Irfan View and is available FREEWARE at the below link:


You can download directly from Tucows here:


It is free and contains no spyware. Install Irfan using the instructions provided by the software and open an image.

You may need to rotate the image to the right orientation using the Image menu...

Once the image is the correct way round you need to resize it again, using the Image menu...

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