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Farmers Lab Advanced Theories and Techniques - Got a few grows under your belt and want to discuss more advanced theories and techniques? Discuss these matters here.

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ok, ok, so I am an experimental Mofo!!

Hi All,
My latest experiment was a noteworthy learning tool. I learned never to push the nute limits with any Haze plant!! lol, Was running AN nutes at about 850 ppm and they were just about 4 weeks into flower, so when nute change day came up, I decided to get stoned as hell and lost my mind!!

I mixed up my favorite batch of go juice, and "somehow" got a 2000 ppm set of nutes and ran it thru my haze/ sativas for about twenty four hours until I realized what I had done!! I immediately flushed the whole system and the individuals with fresh clean water and ran that for three days!

The results were astonishing!! Every one of them dropped all signs of life and the shade leaves just about caught fire!! They damn well blew the fuck up!!!! I have never in my life seen such HORRIBLE looking things in my life!!

Not to worry tho, I have forty nice fat healthy clones to start over with, but my lesson has been learned, never over feed a haze!!!!

Anyone else ever do this? Or am I the only one who will admit doing this?

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Fortunately, since I use either soil or a mix, there's buffers that sort of lessen the negative effects of over and under feeding. It also helps I don't typically use a hydro solution. However, if you don't mind I'll certainly learn from ya!

There was that one time I decided to go 100% organic, all homegrown compost and that. Mixed up a batch of dirt and threw seedlings down... At first it was all good. Nice fast growth, healthy leaves, short internodes and all that. Apparently though, I make a terrible cake mixer because the roots started to reach into pure, hot, unadulterated compost and yeah. It wasn't total plant nuking, but good portions of the plant started to burn pretty bad. Only on certain sections though, I guess those that were using the roots in question to supply themselves. Quick repot into a Fox Farm mix and all was well, just had to trim some dead.
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Yes I've done this plenty of times....

Before I knew better and got a ppm meter, I would just mix buckets of nutes by the label and toss it in. Little did I realize how high the ppm was due to evaporation, uptake etc...It didn't take effect overnight but just things I look back on now and shake my head and laugh
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I potted up some clones into some coco I hadn't washed out properly- and fried them; thankfully they all recovered good.
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