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hydrolyzed feather meal

hello everyone! im back growing again. I kinda switched things up from previous runs, entirely new fert regimen and new location and i wanted to see what kinda input i can get from you guys.

this is my soil and fert system, its taken from my old method where i would topdress all the dry fert on the surface of the pot based on eyeballing what the plants look like but that was not working out to well and was not to consistent.

2-2-1 Pro mix or sunshine with the myc - BIG chunk perlite - Ocean forest

great white applied to root ball on transplant

1tbs neem crumble6-5-4/1tbs japanese complehumus8-8-8+1.8%mg/1tbs feather meal12-0-0
^per gallon of soil mix for veg

1tbs neem crumble6-5-4/1tbs japanese complehumus8-8-8+1.8%Mg/1tbs botanicare pure granular bloom1-5-4+6%Ca
^per gallon of soil mix for flowering

botanicare calmag 2-0-0 "calcium, magnesium, iron, boron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, copper, cobalt, iodine, beneficial vitamins, twenty essential amino acids and select botanical plant extracts blah blah blah"

Dynagrow Pro-TeKt 0-0-3 potassium silicate for strength

serenade for mold

neem for vigor and bugs

azamax for bugs

spinosad for bugs

^all used in varying amounts based on need and applied as a foliar spray

this mix is working good now but im only running it in veg mode currently and it seems the nitrogen is a little high as while the plants aren't burned they are a dark blueish green in color.

what im wondering is if anyone has any experience with feather meal and its controlled release potential as im about to pot up one more time before flowering and im wondering if should go with no feather meal in my flowering mix like i have planned (in belief that the feather meal will continue to release during flower) or if i should throw a little in the flower mix????????? im leaning towards no feather meal in the flower mix cause i got N in the 8-8-8 and the neem crumble AND the cal mag but IDK..........
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I guess it depends on how long it releases nutrients. Hard to flush around weeks 7 and 8 if the fert's are still strongly active. Gonna affect the taste and combustibility. No one likes to smoke a sparkler with black ash.
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