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FoTwenny 04-25-2016 04:43 PM

You sure it's fat and not synthol?

spicoli 04-25-2016 04:46 PM

No, I can't be positive but I'm sure it's not natural...wth is synthol? Sounds scary!

FoTwenny 04-25-2016 05:06 PM

It's what people like Kim Kardashian and Niki Minaj have in their butts.

Snowmayne 04-25-2016 07:21 PM

of all the asses I posted, I believe only 1 might be fake.

however, fake butts these days is fkin ridiculous.

the ass implants look fkin hideous.

Snowmayne 04-25-2016 07:37 PM

small waist, big butt

FoTwenny 04-25-2016 08:37 PM

Kinda got to give the dark girls the benefit of the doubt, considering their genetic predisposition.

Snowmayne 04-25-2016 08:41 PM

yeap its all about genetics

but you can clearly see that chick above has worked on that butt, that first pic clearly shows it.

fenderbender 04-25-2016 09:12 PM

FoTwenny 04-25-2016 10:13 PM


cornemuse 04-26-2016 07:11 AM

When its two ax-handles wide, , , , , I am not impressed, ,


Snowmayne 05-02-2016 03:31 AM

Jonas 05-02-2016 10:43 AM

don't know how the fuck you can embed VIMEO videos on bbcode...

FoTwenny 06-14-2016 10:03 PM

Geeno 06-26-2016 06:11 AM

FoTwenny 06-26-2016 05:04 PM

slunt 09-17-2017 01:46 PM

It's been over a year since anyone posted into this thread...WHY Yahooka Why?:cuss:

Captain Cannabis 09-17-2017 02:38 PM

how old are you really slunt?

Jonas 09-17-2017 03:06 PM

Aren't we all, deep inside, the same 13 yr old boy we once were who needed to masturbate 12 times in a day?

Jimmynoob 10-06-2017 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by slunt (Post 52307394)
It's been over a year since anyone posted into this thread...WHY Yahooka Why?:cuss:

I go through some of these old, giant ,threads and just wonder ware all the posters are and how they are doing....

it all makes me very nostalgic and a lil sad cause i see some names of people i know in fact are no longer living.

i am gonna have a drink and a J for all yall tonight, living or dead. best wishes

Sir-Ex 10-07-2017 06:04 AM

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