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Free For All A place for thoughts and ideas that are out of place anywhere else.

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Old 10-15-2001, 09:39 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Post small report - may be of interest to some.

If you remember, may be you don’t, my grow space is in my loft and some what restricted in height. In the summer I had a terrible time with heat – it scorched the fuck out my plants and I lost two mature ladies to it.
Then I had to go away – out of the country – was going to be away for 3 weeks and I had no one to water my plants – the 2 that had survived - so I took a risk and put them in my back yard in a hard to view spot and left then to nature and went away. When I got back they were looking really healthy apart from the snail family that had decided that it would be a great idea to settle in munch on them, but other than that I was really happy that they had survived, in fact they looked healthier. So I left them out there for the rest of the summer, they got a watering can here and a downpour there that kept them really happy.
When I had cloned these plants I gave one of the clones to a friend who wanted to try and grow it on his window which he grows his herbs in, anyway he didn’t treat her well, she was root bound and unfed - I got her back because she had grown to big for his window – I re-potted her and fed her up and stuck with others in the glorious sunshine – within a week she was looking healthy and enjoying her surroundings.
So about 6 weeks ago – I decided I needed to get things going as far as flowering these ladies so I had to formulate a plan as they were bigger (taller) than the grow space. So this is when I went it search of large pots. My plan was to cut the a hole down the side of the pot and lay the plant horizontally in it and then let light and nature train the plant – this then gave me 4ft of bud space. When I went looking for pots I found these self watering ones that offered something that I had been trying to find – a way to be able to leave my plants for a few days if I had to go away. They are clever pots – there is 2” chamber at the bottom that holds a reservoir of water and keeps it away from the soil – the separator is made of some capillary material that takes the water up into the soil this has holes in it so roots can get through. I’m very happy. J
So I got the biggest plant and did as I planned – cutting the hole in the side of the pot laid the plant sideways covering it will new soil. The 2nd two plants I realised that didn’t need to do this really and could lay the plants at an angle and hung a weight on the tip to let it pull down the plant to be completely horizontal.
Now 6 weeks into flower I have a room full of buds going hell for leather – what I did have to do was because the plants became somewhat one sided – some of the growth on the back side was just weak and not getting any light so I trimmed it all off and this seems to have caused strong growth on the front side of the plant – I say “seems” because the plant is very happy and maybe this would have happened anyway.
So in about 2-3 weeks time I should be ready to crop.
Now winter has set in the temperature in the loft has evened out somewhat and things are going to be good for the next cycle – I am installing a grid to do full on scrog this time round as these pots make watering so much easier.

Anyway there you go
Any one has any comments or questions I would really appreciate it. And I will try – though I do not really have the technology – to get some pictures to show you…

Catch you round

Loopy b
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Old 10-16-2001, 12:16 AM   #2 (permalink)
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Good luck to you loopbud!!!

Be true to yourself and life will return the gift
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