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Free For All A place for thoughts and ideas that are out of place anywhere else.

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Raging River Of Fear
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Unhappy R.I.P. Zoltron

Hey guys, I'm logging into my dads old alt. account cause I kind of forgot my password for my SOZ (Son Of Zoltron) account.

I unfortunately don't have much time to be on here these days and I'm so sorry for my absents...but LIFE you know.

Gonna cut right to it dudes....Zoltron has left the building.

My father passed away last October 21st at around 5:00pm in the afternoon (watching his favorite show at the time too...Breaking Bad). Massive heart attack...can you believe that???

The details aren't too deep other than to say that my mother and I found him and were devastated!!!

He was cremated (like in his wishes) and only had a SMALL gathering at our house. NOTHING BIG...that wasn't pop's style.

Well that's about it and the only reason that I'm even bringing this up is because my mother asked me too. With my moms medical condition (SURE my dads old friends of Zoltron would know this) things have been VERY TIGHT (we're everyone). It's really for my fathers cremation charges, ceremony and any up and coming expenses. I had to do something for my old man (even if he didn't want it).

And like I said this is ALL for my mothers medical expenses & father's ceremony...NOTHING ELSE!!!

Don't feel the need to do anything though...PLEASE!!! This was just something mom and I came up with as a way to relieve a little of the strain. I just know how much my father was liked, admired and respected hear (as was I welcomed with open arms when I ventured into this place YEARS ago).

That's pretty much all I have to say for now (still in the processing process). I can't freakin' believe what has happened. Not really looking for comfort (I appreciate it though). I've heard so many other peoples sob stories over the past several months (half a year) I don't think I could take much more comforting.

I don't know what it is about people. You tell them you lost someone and EVERYONE just can't wait to lay down their sod story like they were waiting for an excuse. I get it, all of our lives SUCK, but I've reached a whole knew level...YIPPIE!!!

Anyway, I probably still want be around much, just wanted to deliver this news to everyone and if anyone is interested in making a donation private message me and I'll give you our PayPal account info or if you don't have that I can just give you our direct address.

Please though...DO NOT feel obligated to do anything.

Thanks for listening guys and gals.

Also if anyone's interested...

Hereís just a few little obituaries that I wrote for my old man. I think they turned out pretty good.

Of course my mom had final approval on it...but she seemed to like it as well.

I truly hope everyone that loved and respected my father enjoys it as well. I did my best, but man...trying to sum up that guy in just a few paragraphs was next to impossible.

Did my best though and I hope that my father likes it too. Iíll miss you forever best friend in the world.

Farewell and happy trails you old geezer...was this adventure enough for you???


Zoltron 1954-2017

Zoltron was one of the greatest guys you could ever meet. He definitely lived life by his own rules. Whether that meant hanging with friends, blasting good tunes, shooting some pool (which he was a pro at back in the day) or just having a good time.

Drumming, writing, cracking jokes, dreaming of being a pilot or just delivering the news were just a few of his MANY interests.

He was for sure a partying kind of guy...right up until the end. Always looking for a good time, but that never meant at other peoples expense...FOR SURE!!! He took care of his family the best that he knew how, and did an amazing job of that. Despite any flaws that he might of had (or that any of us have for that matter) he had a heart as pure as GOLD. Would give you the shirt off of his back if that meant helping you out.

"Generous, worldly, funny", these are just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking of him...oh, and "smart-alic" too.

You would never think that a guy who had been all around the this country (and we're talking about almost 40 states, including the country of Mexico) would've been so down to earth.

Raised a devout Catholic, and pretty much knew EVERYTHING about that religion and many more.

A true product of the 60's though, and what a product he was. "Fly by the seat of your pants, no rules, do what you want within reason & have fun" were just a few of his many sayings. "Have a blast, life's just too short to be working all the time" was one of his favorites. Mike was truly a man up for any matter how small, big or risky...that was part of the fun for him.

You will be surely missed...RIP.

Some of his most dear friends and family are list below (in no particular order). And believe me...there's MANY MORE!!!

In memory of my father!!!
Zoltron 1954-2017. The best father that a kid could have. My best friend until the end. We were practically the same freakiní person, and the times and laughs we shared will be my most precious memories. Iíll miss you best friend and father and Iíll do my best to live life the way you taught me. ďOne day at a time, donít think too much and have a blastĒ were some of his favorite one liners. A true to life wild man...and what a man he was. Had more friends than he could count. Was well liked and the funniest guy you could ever know. RIP my beloved father, and just know that your family and friends will always be thinking of you. I miss you buddy and I know weíll be together again one day. Canít wait for the tour daddy-o, but for now just continue partying it up like itís the 1960ís again, because Iím sure where ever you are...IT IS!!!

Those were the main 2 that I wrote. I left out a few personal names and things that I just wasn't comfortable sharing...sorry guy/gals. And you wouldn't believe the list of friends that dad had that I had to list in these obituaries. HOLY COW, I spent more time writing the names of all of my fathers friends than I did writing the WHOLE obituary itself. That's how well liked he was and I'm proud to call myself his son.

Thanks for listening you peeps (my dads peeps). Dad talk SO HIGHLY of you all that I feel as if we're ALL family. I love you all over here and from my brief stay as SOZ you all welcomed me with open arms...

See you all later!!!

PS. My mother sends her love and wants to tell you all that you're all in her prayers. I love that women and I swear I see so much of my dad in her. I see why they stayed together for so many years. I'll be with my mother to the end (no matter how FAR or SOON it may be). I LOVE MY WHOLE FAMILY!!!

Take care everyone and I truly hope you're all in good health!!!

SOZ (squidhead)
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Raging River Of Fear
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Smile Thanks To All

Hey guys...and gals!!!

Just want to thank you all for ALL the 'likes' and 'thanks' that my post about dear old dad (Zoltron) has gotten.

I know he's looking down at each and everyone of us (except me...wink wink) with pride pride.

He was like a father to us all...especially me, and I think we can all agree that he was the voice of reason on MANY occasions.

My mother sends her love and of course this place has always had mine.

Guess you're looking at the knew squidhead huh. I don't mind. Guess now I've got a head to match my face.

Take care everyone.

See you around.....
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If everyone was still around there would have more "thanks" for your post than any other since the "thanks" option started here. Your dad was a good dude and probably the most widely liked member in Yahooka's history. Him and Sage. Be proud.
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I’m sorry about your dad.
Here’s Yahooka’s and light to your family.
RIP Zoltron

"I browse at work. If some nerd had a problem with dicks I'd stare him in the eyes then magnify the picture in question without saying a word."

"Shit is cash I love to lose myself to narrative while simultaneously soaking in nature and watching the frogs bang."

"NCC: A Cautionary Tale of Condoms and Crises", OR "YOLO: Ballsack Barnacles & Babies"

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Al Talib
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When I come across a good joke or song, I still catch myself getting ready to share it to his Facebook profile....


We all had a lot of love for the, man, and sure do miss him.
Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.
Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmi


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the friendly misanthrope
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deepest heartfelt condolences to the family.
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Raging River Of Fear
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Thanks guys...and gals.

I have so many memories of when I was SOZ on here and dad and I would go back and fourth bickering with one another. We'd have A LOT of people on here cracking up...including all of you.

Even after I kind of disappeared from the Hooka dad was always talking about you all like family.

It's been a wild ride for mom and I for these last 8 months (can't believe it has been that long already). Still can remember that afternoon/night like it was freaking yesterday.

Like I said I don't have many people I can talk too about this so I appreciate you all being kind of sound boards for me.

I'll definitely be around more. Just think of me as Zoltron 2.0 (even though I'll never even come CLOSE to matching my pop's coolness).

Thanks again everyone...see ya later!!!
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Decade Yahookan
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Sorry for your loss. Zolton will not be forgotten.

And thank you for continuing his legacy, I'm sure he's proud of you!




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