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Post Milkfed Suburban Blues

I don't really know why I'm posting this, I just need advice I guess. I know I'm a smart person, that's the problem, if i was dumb people would get off my case. I've been in High School for 3 years (which doesn't say much about the year I am, I think I'm somewhere around Sophomore) and I rarely go to class, mostly because I just can't sit there and take it, or in the case of Math and Science, I feel literally unable to learn, my brain just doesn't want to absorb it. I've been smoking pot on and off for about two years, I just got into it heavily about 3 months ago, ever since I get high about 3 times a day average, and I know it sounds lame but I can't quit. I've always had problems in school, I know for a fact my school issues have nothing to do with weed, but tell that to my parents. My mom is wigging out on me, she says if I don't quit smoking, and go to school she'll send me to rehab. ( Can you even go to rehab for weed? and no I never sucked dick for Marijuana) Tonight when she gets home she's taking my car, which aside from a few pipes, and bongs, is the only thing I have, and my only means of freedom. The point of this all is, my issues; depression, school (or lack thereof), lack of motivation, bla bla whatever else she wants to throw at me, have NOTHING to do with weed, I was like this before I started smoking, and I'm sure I'd be the same if I quit. Anyway, if anyone has any advice as to how to show my mom I can a. get my shit together, b. I'll never be good in school, no matter how hard I try, and c. weed is not a depressant, or problem for me. Also, in the mornings I go to film school where I flourish, I'm probably the most dedicated and productive person there, but the parental units could care less. (P.S. I post under another name usually, don't know why this is embaressing but it is, so don't flame me for unloading all this shit on you my first post)
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you're not gonna like this, but if you want to prove all that to her, quit smoking for awhile. that way you can show her you "suck" at school even when you're sober if you really want.
also it's easier to get your shit together when sober, and by quitting for awhile you can prove to her it's not a problem, because you can quit at any given time.

as for your flourishing creativity, maybe start talking about going to film school after high school? man nut it up in high school though, get thru it somehow! believe me, i just wrote another post saying it's hard enough to get a job without a COLLEGE education these days, other than McDonald's or fuck-all.
If you REALLY can't hang, well you're right high school isn't for everyone. Tell your mom you're determined to at least get your GED and see if you can take independent study, and do your work at your own pace. That way the only time you see your ass at a desk is for exams. If that's still too much for you, try studying for your GED. This is the bare minimum in life, and it might not make sense now but you'll be glad you have it down the line. My 25 year old friend just got hers, and it's like gold to her!
Then you can go to a community college and take film classes up the wazoo!
AND that's another way to prove to your mom you're looking towards your future.
Your moms is only lookin out for you, trust me my mom used to SMOTHER MY ASS. She just wants you to "make it" in life so you don't end up jobless, or homeless, or both. So long as you're making an effort towards your future and can prove you're going to be stable, she should leave ya alone. (Unless she's like my mom, who I hid my smoking habits from for EVER).
good luck with your situation!!
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