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Free For All A place for thoughts and ideas that are out of place anywhere else.

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Post Piss On Washington. Beginning June 6

This is a rant by a poster at C-news that makes too much sense to not share. They want piss, give them piss.

Comment #3 posted by p4me on May 19, 2002 at 12:03:52 PT
A sermon to the choir
If I were a minister I would have to address the killing of people in foreign lands by a government whose favorite drug is tobacco.
I would ask the sheople in the congregation "Do you realize the government wants to spend billions on drug testing and just bought $630 million dollars of bad tobacco to prop up tobacco farmers in the face of reduced sales. It cost $130,000 a month to warehouse and when offered for sale no one bid. It must be burned and they are dragging their feet on doing so."

"28.5 % of all high school students smoke tobacco. That is brand new data from the CBS Evening Evening News. Tobacco kills 20 times more people than all illegal drugs. If all drugs were regulated that multiple would be even greater. So how can Congress consider spending a billion dollars a year to throw at conglomerate media companies by the DEA over the next five years and not spend anything to prevent 400,000 tobacco deaths a year. How can Congress justify straining limited budgets all over the country and not test for the obvious is ludicrous- not that the entire drug war is ludicrous if not treasonous."

Well if this is my Sunday visit with the choir and I would like to leave something with you if they come take me away. I certainly do think the country is in dire straits when we are doing what we are doing in Columbia and everywhere else in Latin America.

The only thing I have to say about oil is that the US has 3 %of known reserves and uses 25% of the oil. I know we don't mind killing people over oil. I think it treason to be killing people in sovereign countries under the pretense of cocaine. I am sure there are mounds of books of government desk on justification of such actions. They are bogus books that corrupt our system and kill people all over the world.

I have a cousin that was a brat and bad alcoholic so of course he loved to go to the bars and run his mouth and see what he could stir up. So along with the line "How do you spell whoop?" he used to raise his hand like asking a teacher's permission to speak and say "I call Bull$hit." It is kind of funny to me that noone in would use that term. I feel if this were a time-warped internet back in the days of alcohol prohibition and the drunks conferring that "I call Bull$hit" would have already been acronymed to ICBS.

Look at just this mornings cannabisnews about the United States. Collecting pee from school children while not even mentioning tobacco testing. 732,498 marijuana arrest and how many for underage smoking when it is a rampant illegal and should be enforced act? It is all related .

Don't you think it is about time for a Boston Pee Party? They are getting ready to broadcast the Cheers Reunion Show. They need to get them back together and let the Cheers gang enter the Boston Pee Party Pee Contest. NORM could win and adopt marijuana as his medicine that breaks his alcohol addiction and saves his liver and his life.

I am amazed at the acceptance of the college kids of the current actions. Besides knowing that two cents of every dollar they ever make is needed by the federal government, don't they need something to film with all their new digital cameras, high priced video cards, and their 32 inch Sony HDTV/monitor. Convergence has arrived. For 20 years the concept of what convergence of television and computer monitors would mean has been debated? We now have convergence in HDTV and broadband is creating an appetite for video content on the net using animation and easily understood and powerful video editors. There is a two format issue with the new DVD burners but not even a big deal and a $400 price tag is not that bad when you consider that you can record 13 hours on one CD.

So come on film students. Show us someone peeing on the Supreme Court steps. The picure of the Supreme Court steps has got to available on the net and if not just use the steps from Rocky. Practice your editing skills and at least get us a creation of someone peeing somewhere in Washington.

Do you know how hard television writers have coming up with showing something new? Here is a clue for all of you video buffs. Find you some cheap statue of George Washington and have plenty of light and have someone pee on Washington. If I were Jackie Gleason on the Honeymooners and wanted to have a show about one of Ralph's schemes to have a higher standard of living, I would make it about this product. There is some rule about the language of trademarks but for fictional purposes I would have Ralph start the "Piss on Washington" company. If I were writing the show I would have him start out with a sponge material and all he does is fill one little mold with an absorbent. The Piss on Washington Company could then make molds of The Supreme Court Building and the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. His company would sell thousands of little Washington's for people to piss on and or set out in front of DEA offices. He comes out with a Piss on Washington party pack that beer distributors start giving away as promotions for gatherings that buy 50 kegs of beer or more. I would have Ralph get rich.

So can someone this June 6th get a little Washington for real and put him in a pan and pour pee on him? Let's see some footage with some good signs. I sure would like to see some P4Me2 signs. Maybe a few "The Drug Wars are Treason" signs and "Stop your lies and yield your position" signs. How about "Raise your hands and step away from that treasury." How about "Get out of that chair Congress- Those seats belong to us."

Is there an Extremist Party? Maybe I have deminsia but it sure likes more people would call Bull$hit.

You know how you sometimes run across a find. The Family Dollar Stores are a chain out of North Carolina whose profits have benefited from cost sensitive shoppers in these troubled times. It is a good place to buy Heinz Catsup for a thrifty meal of french fries. The ketchup has to have a thrifty price and $1 for 24 ounces is very reasonable. But they had Canadian Honey for $1.50. I am so happy I have a Canadian product to buy. I can eat oatmeal by itself but since I have fought the battle not to drink sugared soda water and cut down on refined sugar, there is a void. I wil l be eating more oatmeal than ever and will buy only Canadian honey. Oh, what a find.

ICBS. VAAI and Piss on Washington

Peace. Realize, then Legalize.
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You are right Toker. Piss on the Nazi bastards. I hope they are reading this. By the way, you are where I was several years ago. I became very cynical. I finally cooled out and put my vote where it counts best, the LP. Hang in there man. Dubya broke all of us for his interests.
A true patriot is always ready to stand up against his own government.

We can't be using plants that come from the Lord for beneficial purposes. Now hurry up, or we'll be late for church.

The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.-Adolf Hitler

Legalizing marijuana won't grow our economy-Barack Hussein Obama 2009
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