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Sam Jamaica 12-23-2002 11:57 PM

abstinance for simplicity
i'm back after not posting for a while

something sitting, stands. a resting leaf blown
by wind on heard. rustling through and to
find it's way back home again. the road a path
by which to search, the soul and dig it deep

a dove amoung blackbirds
your heart on your sleeve
and still you show such beauty
still our hearts pulse
together, though distant and dim
faded by the chore of time
the dragging of feet
shackled to our minds,
a mental awareness that pushes us to push on
a discovery in the making, with nothing
standing in my way i look i see i go
without hesitation, without fear
i cannot be afraid if i do not know,
only when i do know, and i'm petrified
scared to be scarred
afraid to let go
like a shard of glass piercing my hand,
though my mind shreiks with pain,
i tell myself, you can't let go you must go on
pushing to push, striving to live

a chance to make it all worthwhile,
a chance to be redemed

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