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Old 02-04-2003, 12:33 AM   #1 (permalink)
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okay so i went to walmart and bough certo because i havent taken my drug test yet. and i just smoked... Neways does anybody in here know what im exactly spose to do with certo? One of my friends said one gallon of water and one lil pack should work.. BUt i think im spose to do Other things... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
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last time that i thought i had a drug test, i decided to use certo (actually, i used sure-jell, but i think they're the same thing). anyway, a pharmacist told me that to clean out using the stuff, i should take it mixed in a gallon of cranberry juice (try to get the purest that you can find) and with two gallons of water. i decided that it would be most effective over a course of about four days, because if i took it all at once i figured that i would probably just waste it. so i did two pints of juice w/ stuff a day plus at least four pints of water every day. i'm not sure how well it worked, though, because i ended up not even having a drug test. a couple of other pointers i have learned while on probation:

*water works well to thin out the thc metabolites in your urine, but so as to avoid a "diluted" piss test, remember to drink a bottle of powerade or something similar with b vitamins in it before you go in for your test. that should bring your
specific gravity back to normal.

*charcoal pills have promise for drug tests, not because they "clean you out" exactly, but because they transfer toxins out of your urine and into your feces. (norml website)

*take several aspirin a couple of hours before you go in to take your drug test. the aspirin can decrease the sensitivity of certain types of urinalysis tests to thc metabolites. (also norml website)

***also, i have kind of a strange question: ok, say that one was to go work out hardcore -- so as to get the thc metabolites released from the fatty tissues and into the blood stream -- and then later that day went and donated blood plasma (the fatty part of the blood, not the red blood cells). would that aid in the detox process? just curious.

anyway, good luck with your drug test!!!
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Thumbs up Certo to pass drug test

It's easy. I've done it many times and it's cheap. Mix it in gatoraide or something like that, shake it up, drink it, pee once after you drink it, and your good to go. This won't clean your system, but will coat your urine so that you will pass the test. I believe it's only an 8 hour thing so make sure you time it accordingly. Everytime I've done it, that's the method I've used and it worked 4 out of 4 times. It works for all drugs. I used it for weed and pills. I've known people who have used it for harder drugs also. It's only like four dollars and you can find it in any grocery store near the spices. I recommend the "Certo" brand that is liquid.
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