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Free For All A place for thoughts and ideas that are out of place anywhere else.

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Just thought I'd post story sent to bro

I was sending an ICQ to my bro after talking to him on the phone, explaining a story I wanted to tell him (he had to go out, but said I should send it), and reading it over thought it might be fun to post here. Sorry if some parts are vague becuase he already knew them or something.

"Alright I may as well send ya this now before I forget. I wont bother with everything either but... Friday I went to this guys house for a party I got there later then most people, someone said something about some people toking in the garage, apparently some guys had been smoking in there all day. So I go out there and theres 5 or 6 guys sitting in there and it smelled like like they'd been at it all day too . I didn't know any of them (and they were all little grade 10 thugs), but I walk in and I'm like, 'Hey!' theyre all like 'Hey!' and it was all good. Lit the pipe and chilled in there for a while till some people came in and started smoking cigs. Then 2 or 3 hours later I was talking to this other chick inside whos a friend of my friend Shannon (possibly girlfriend, I don't know, I'm pretty sure they're lesbians, or at the very least bi) and I can't remember how it was initiated but someone said something about smoking and she asked to come too, so then we went outside and the two of us were out there for like an hour and a half in the cold trying to smoke but people kept walking from the garage side door around past us to the front door, and I didn't want to have to share with all these people I don't know so it took forever. But it was really fucking funny talking out there, other friends who wern't smoking came out for a lil while too, but never very long. This would be better if I could tell it live but anyways. This one girl I kinda knew wouldn't go away so I let her take a couple hits and then we finally got rid of her by convincing her we were done and ashing etc. and Shannon went in too and before she left she said we should come in, (she wasn't smoking), and were all 'ya soon'. Then as soon as she leaves, Jessica and I look at each other, and at pretty much the same time, we both say 'lets pack another one'. It was really really funny. So we packed another one and stayed out there for a little longer, till we couldn't handle the cold any more. Then later, the plan was that we go down to laser quest in Richmond Hill for some charity thing that was supposed to go from 12:00 to 6:00 am. So a bunch of us pile into a van and go. But it was in the middle of the storm and the highway was all snowy and there was no one else out there, so it took forever to get down. So we go and play laser quest high, some of the other people were drunk, and that was definitly fun. Then on the way back the blackouts started, so were driving along, and as we get towards Newmarket the power goes out along the highway, and its all blizzardy out. It was kinda scary but fun, no one else was on the road, so we had all 4 lanes, just trying to follow the tracks through the snow from people before us, (plow had been through a while ago, it wasn't very deep, were not stupid). But at one point we could barely see anything that wasn't a light past like 15 metres. This was around 4 or something.
Anyways, thats my story, I'm reading it over and despite what I said about not including everything its pretty long, and doesn't seem to interesting.. but whatever I've typed it now so. Oh and while Dad and I were out near Haliburton today trying to get to one of the lots, I had to drive through the hills and stuff and the plow hadn't been through, it was hardcore, the tires were spinning out and stuff, its amazing we didn't go into a ditch or pond or something., meant to tell ya that on the phone."

Ya, like I said thought I might as well post it here for fun cause I already typed it out. I like hearing other peoples stories so... Feel free to comment or add some of your own stories please Peace.

Edit: Sorry if anyone was offended by my use of the term "thug", I meant no offence but my bro would know who I mean. Its just that I generally don't hang out with that crowd, thats all. I live in a relativly wealthy suburban area in Canada just fyi. And, yes, they were all white.
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everything in moderarion (especially moderation)
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do you live close to toronto? there is a place called Richmond Hill close to where i live (vaughan).
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Thumbs down

What a crappy story. Why would anyone possibly be interested in reading this pile of garbage?
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