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budman84 02-15-2005 07:52 AM


Originally Posted by Canuck Wisdom
lmao thats cool. We could take turns owning it and just drop it off at the next yahookan to use it after we've driven around and picked up some people and had our fun, a good hotbox or two, then let someone give it away to another yahookan so eventually it makes it around to everyone. even if were not all there at the same time.

thats a great idea and all but i can imagine the yahooka van getting impounded and some yahookans disappearing to the county jail. we all need to pitch in and then we could have a stock ownership in the van or just charge a fee to use it 4 a while.

OldSchoolStylee 02-15-2005 09:54 AM

The whole thing needs to be made out of hemp.

And we need to drive it from mexico.

And there should be this cop going to give us a ticket but he'll get mad high off the exhaust smoke and be all like "hey, keep going you cats."

At the end I should play a song wearing a fairy outfit and everyone will be really stoned and ordering loads of burgers, so we win the big contest.

Unfortunatly the bus will have caught fire but we won't care because we'll be blitzed.

OldSchoolStylee 02-15-2005 09:55 AM

And I should be mexican.

Canuck Wisdom 02-15-2005 10:12 AM

I notice it has a massive turret on top now?

Originally Posted by generic_hippie
The fossil fuel energy required to make a solar panel negates any potential environmental benefit.

Then, if you consider the effects of heating of the pad, and the subsequent release of that stored heat energy into the night atmosphere they become negative in benefit for the planet.

I'm all for the big dope leaf wind turbine though... :D

Good to know

haha, this thread is great.
We can all bring some tunes too. How about... we contract a farmer (or one of our growin' folk could do it) that lives in a place like Canada, to grow some cannabis (the non psychoactive type, legal type) and we could use hemp oil to fuel it. Would that work?

Oh and any time we stop a dozen hot bikini chicks need to pile out before anyone of us leaves the van; you know, to make an entrance and all that.

kamikazi89 03-01-2005 08:58 AM


Originally Posted by Pitfall
murder is cool.

blood and guts is rad.

'mega death' is right on.

killing someone else before they kill you is groovy.


this ain't no killing machine man, its a hemp fuel weed powered ghetto fab cruiser

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