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The Gene Pool Strain and Seedbank Discussion - Grown a killer strain? Been conned by a seedbank? Had good service from a seedbank? Want to breed your own strain? All things strain and seedbank related should be posted here.

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The strain I have been working on for the past 2-3 years has recently shown a Specific trait that is something new to me. The plant is real fuzzy. the underside of the leaves have little hairs, the hairs are also present on some part of the stem. The plant is about 4 months old. It is about 3 feet and really bushy thanks to the LST method. Anyways, my questions is: Do these hairs serve as some form of pest resistance? Do these hairs serve some purpose?
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There called Cystolith gland they exude insecticidal and miticidal substances to gum up pest mouthparts nand repel them but they have no THC
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It would seem that this plant has been steadily adapting to its environment. I grow outdoors, and pests have been a small issue in the begining of my first grow year. However, year after year this strain has been developing a stronger and stronger pest resistance. This last season I had no pest problems. I suspect this season will be even better. Mainly because I am growing them in a giant greenhouse.

Thank You for the info.
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