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patriot 06-03-2017 09:23 PM

My personal tribute and eulogy....
Ken Gorman was a hero. He stood for peace in the same way as Martin Luther King, John Lennon, and JFK did. All were murdered by those who oppose peace.

When I first met Ken, he was passing out green pamphlets that said, "We are going to sell marijuana to your children." These pamphlets went on to educate people on how cannabis became illegal and the many beneficial ways that hemp and cannabis can be used for the betterment of mankind. He was having in home parties selling hemp products. He made the news in the local media. I personally was escorted out of many places for passing them out.

The first words inside the pamphlets were from the Harry Anslinger quote from 1937 that continues to live on today. "Big lipped niggars are smoking marijuana and sneaking extra beats into their jazz music causing white women to tap their feet and destroy their morals."

These words live on today because these are the racially prejudiced lies that caused the cannabis prohibition in the first place. There are many entities out there that keep these words alive, including the O.N.D.C.P., the N.I.D.A., the D.E.A., all law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world, and even the NATO treaties. It is definitely immoral to legislate morality.

Ken Gorman spent many moments with the media. Most of the time he was treated as a criminal by them. They were always biased against him. He always had answers to them to let them know what hypocrites they truly are. The media has no interest in peace. Law enforcement agencies don't either. They only have interest in job security.

Ken's last encounter with the media happened just two weeks before his untimely murder. They tried to set him up to be arrested again. They treated him like a criminal again.

They print their newspapers on wood pulp paper with ink made from petroleum. Both of these could be replaced by far less polluting hemp products. Jack Herer offers $100,000 challenge to prove him wrong. I have tried many times to get any government agency to match the offer. It was Ken Gorman who enlightened me as to why they refuse to match the offer. He told me that they refuse to match the offer because they know they are wrong and what they do is wrong.

Ken Gorman stood on the side of right for all of us, the same as Jesus did. Oh yeah, Jesus was murdered also. Ken Gorman was a peaceful man who would do anything he could for anyone he came in contact with. He sure helped me out numerous times. Ken Gorman stood up against the evil prohibition of a very beneficial plant that comes from the Lord. He spoke the truth.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to stand alongside him. I am honored to have known him for many years. What a great friend to mankind he was. I am grateful that his death was not in vain because he was a huge factor in the law changes that happened in Colorado and many other parts of the U.S. He and I both recognize that the U.S. was founded on hemp, and hemp is the only way to restore the country back to where it needs to be.

It's time for the true criminals of Corporate America to be charged with their crimes against humanity for keeping the prejudicial words of Harry Anslinger alive in the name of their own greed. They truly are war criminals.

I hope that you rest in the same peace that you tried to bring upon mankind Ken Gorman. Quite obviously, there will be many more now that pick up where you left off. We all will continue to fight for what is right in your honor, and we will all be honored to do so. Goodbye good friend. Be free. Thank you for teaching us all with the truth instead of the lies perpetrated by those on taxpayer's salary.

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