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Health And Medicinal Use Share your experiences or ask questions about health, including the benefits or physical effects of marijuana.

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Check your Boobs

As you all probably already know, it's breast cancer awareness month. I would like all my women friends to please, take a few moments to get to know your boobs. Check for lumps. Check your armpits too.

And to all my male friends, who love their women, remind her to check her boobs. Or do it for her.
Sometimes sleep is the best revenge- Luke


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Just bein' me
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Originally Posted by mothernature View Post
Or do it for her.
I keep mine's checked, I think this is the best method!
"Nobody thinks the way that I do, I guess nobody dares. My head's so full of things, I set my mind free of them. I'm breaking the rules, breaking all the rules. " -Ozzy Osbourne
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Old School
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Men can get breast cancer, too.
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ghost in the machine
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Only the good die young!
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mothernature (10-19-2014)
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I checked mine and they weren't there
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Special Delivery
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Also check your testies and your rectums, fellas.
Originally Posted by DdC View Post
Oh Mercury eat shit for us again eh, you're a funny lil turd.
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Thats April brah.
-Knowitall A&P type-
Originally Posted by Lloydy View Post
everything in moderarion (especially moderation)
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Trapeze Artist
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^ Canuck has it togetha.
"The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in."
-Jelaluddin Rumi

"Not self-wrought is this puppet form,
Nor other-wrought this mass of woe;
Condition-based it comes to be
Condition-ceased it endeth, lo."
-Sister Sela

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