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Health And Medicinal Use Share your experiences or ask questions about health, including the benefits or physical effects of marijuana.

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Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought. -H. Bergson

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i tried to renew my state issued insurance (which i got because i own a company) because my wife would also be covered, but it was too difficult to get all the paperwork to and from each important place in time. some of my documents expired before i got it all done. so i am still with my terrible (yet extremely affordable) private insurance. we abandoned trying to get the state insurance for now
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Jesus this entire thread is so foreign to me.
What the fuck good is public school if they don't teach practical shit like this or budgeting and shit?
But at least I know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell...
Originally Posted by Grieves View Post
Kitch just may be the world's worst super hero. He gets himself into all these moral conundrums and then uses yahooka to solve them.
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fenderbender (12-04-2014)
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Why do people get so angry at the government for trying to keep them healthy?
I am Cassandra-doomed to see the future but destined never to be believed.

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people are dumb
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I have an HMO because when I first got insurance I was right in the middle of my cancer treatments. I wanted to stay where I was, so I chose the plan that covered the hospital I had been going to.

So far it's working out well. Being an HMO, it does use the referral system (you have to go to your primary to get a referral to a specialist in the network). That sucks, but I live in a good sized city, so it's doable for me.

Plus it pays for all 6 of my prescription meds with only a $4 co-pay. I don't have a deductible.
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fenderbender (12-04-2014)
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Originally Posted by SoK View Post
There is no fine unless you make something like 15K/year for a single person. Try 'obamacare fine' in google. I just looked it up yesterday coincidentally.

And shadow, the fine comes out of your tax rebate (if you get one). There are no charges/jail for those who don't comply. You guys should try reading some day.
Lol. I own a business. I don't use a payroll service to pay myself. I pay my taxes at the end of the year, Schedule C... IF my expenses don't balance it out. Last year I got a federal return of about $350, which went directly to my accountant.

Since the business made more money this year, I assume I will have to pay SOMETHING in taxes. They will get the money I owe for income tax, SS, Disability ect... but the check I send them will not include the money for the penalty. Fuck em.

All this assuming of course that the Exchanges want less than 8% of my income to pay for their "AFFORDABLE" care. They want $6000 a year for my family. And we sure as shit didn't make $75000 this year. I am pretty sure we are exempt.
"Define yourself by what you love.... Be pro-stuff, not just anti-stuff." - Tim Minchin
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