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Health And Medicinal Use Share your experiences or ask questions about health, including the benefits or physical effects of marijuana.

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My dentist was showing me an article in the American Medical Journal where scientists are now questioning carbonated drinks and their DNA/Gene changing abilities. It would appear that carbonated beverages may be far more damaging than just sugar.
Rats and mice fed cool aid and lemonade had a cancer rate of approx. 20 per cent. Those that were fed carbonated sugar drinks were around 50 per cent cancerous. Also Rats fed aspartame were cancerous in more than 50 per cent of the tests.
Obviously more research needs to be done but initial studies are only confirming what many are already realizing...pop, diet or otherwise is bad shit.
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Originally Posted by Captain Cannabis View Post
how can you people consume so much sugar?

it boggles my mind
As american children, they might as well have just strapped us down and mainlined sugar directly into our veins.

We got the good stuff though at least.
Dealers today cut the shit out of our kid's drugs with high fructose corn syrup n shit.
Not to mention quadruple the price lol.

Ima start sellin .8s of unprocessed cane sugar outside supermarkets.
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