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Herbal Activism Dedicated to Ken Gorman/Governor. A place to post up coming events, laws, news articles or special things you do for activism.

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Chernobyl disaster: Ukraine marks 30th anniversary

The meltdown at the Soviet plant was the worst nuclear disaster in history.

Chernobyl disaster: Ukraine marks 30th anniversary - BBC News
The Sirens were sounded at the same moment as the first explosion at the reactor, in the early hours of 26 April 1986.

An uncontrolled reaction blew the roof off, spewing out a cloud of radioactive material which drifted into other parts of the USSR, including Russia and Belarus, and northern Europe.

Relatives of those who died attended candle-lit vigils at several churches, including at Slavutych, a town built to re-house workers who lived near the nuclear plant. A series of events are being held throughout the day.

News for Chernobyl

Chernobyl disaster: Ukraine marks 30th anniversary ecp

Chernobyl 30 Years Later: ARCHIVE VIDEO:
Those Who Live in Its Shadow Still Suffer

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Former Soviet Union is Damaged in 1986

“We have the impression that they would rather that we had just gone already,” said Nadezhda Makarevich. Makarevich was evacuated from Pripyat, the town closest to the reactor. On the morning after the explosion, she was washing her windows. Not alerted by the Soviet authorities, she inhaled fallout, suffering radioactive burns on her lungs.

Ruined Chernobyl nuclear plant
will remain a threat for 3,000 years

Thirty years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the area, deemed uninhabitable for the next 3000 years, continues to house plant workers and provides a brief glimpse of the chaos left behind for curious tourists.

☛ 30 years since Chernobyl may seem like a long time,
but it’s really just the start

☛ Below reactor’s ruins
is a 2,000-ton radioactive mass that can’t be removed

☛ How do you protect a site
for as long a time as Western civilization has existed?


Chernobyl at 30: How Attempts to Contain the Radiation Failed
Trains full of contaminated meat roamed the USSR for years, leaving a trail of radioactivity, looking for a town willing to accept the cargo.

A week after the accident, Soviet officials announced that they were evacuating a 30-km. zone around the plant. Farmers on state-owned collective farms populated most of this area. In Ukraine, as truckers came in to evacuate rural families, they also loaded 50,000 head of cows, sheep and goats onto flatbed trucks. Most of these animals had remained outdoors after the accident, grazing on contaminated grass under clouds of radioactive gases. Half of the animals were too contaminated to keep, and 25,000 were sent immediately to slaughterhouses.

Benefits of Marijuana: Acute radiation syndrome
Here is a list of common diseases that marijuana has been known to benefit. We have outlined the basic symptoms and the potential benefits marijuana has on each disease.

Cancer - Chemotherapy - Chronic Nausea

Radiation Therapy
- The medical use of ionizing radiation as part of cancer treatment to control malignant cells

- Nausea - Vomiting - Diarrhea - Weight loss - Loss of appetite - Weakness
- Red itchy skin - Sore throat - Hair loss - Recurrent infections - Bleeding - Anemia

- Reduced Nausea
- Increased appetite
- Reduced vomiting
- Weight gain
- Sleeping aid

Medical Conditions for Marijuana Treatment
General list of ailments with symptoms and/or side effects that have been treated with medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana and Radiation Therapy
Countless studies have shown that marijuana is effective for lessening the effects of cancer and radiation treatment.

Pathologies Associated with the p53 Response
Although p53 is a major cancer preventive factor, under certain extreme stress conditions it may induce severe pathologies. Analyses of animal models indicate that p53 is largely responsible for the toxicity of ionizing radiation or DNA damaging drugs contributing to hematopoietic component of acute radiation syndrome.

Remarkably, in cultured cortical neurons, PFTα prevented cell death mediated by Delta9-THC (the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana) by the same mechanism of decreasing lysosomal permeability.

Cannabis Whets Appetite for Cancer Patients
People with advanced cancer said food tasted better when they took the active ingredient in cannabis compared with sugar pills, a small Canadian study showed.

Antibacterial, Analgesic and Antiinflammatory

The Human Body & Cannabis:
Understanding Our Endocannabinoid System

Hemp 'Eats' Chernobyl Waste 02/13/01
The blast heavily contaminated agricultural lands in a 30 km radius around the reactor. The few people still living there must monitor their food and water for radiation. However the combination of a new technology (phytoremediation) and an old crop (industrial hemp) may offer the Ukraine a way to decontaminate it's radioactive soil.

How Hemp Can Clean Up Radiation
From Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

30 years after Chernobyl,
drones take you on a VR tour of the silent city CNET

The abandoned city of Pripyat in northern Ukraine is shrouded in layers of radioactive dust and remains dangerous today. However, you can visit in virtual reality.

Ultimate corporate bailout - Price Anderson - nukes on welfare
A recent 2011 property value study of property values within the 50 miles radius of Indian Point is $8.5 trillion. Under the Price Anderson Act Indian Point is only insured for $12 billion. That is only .15% coverage.

Clearly that is not adequate insurance. Yet insurance companies made a decision at the birth of the nuclear industry that they would not insure it - as it to risky.

So Price Anderson was enacted and continues to be renewed by Congress after Congress and is the ultimate government bailout or subsidy. In essence the United States Taxpayers are the insurers for privately owned highly profitable nuclear plants. An interesting form of capitalism seems to be at work in the nuclear industry: privatize profits and socialize liabilities.

After Fukushima can America as a nation afford to insure Indian Point and the 103 other nuclear plants?

Japan: Fukushima 50 Expected to Die Within Weeks
A study by University of Saskatchewan researchers suggests beneficial aspects of smoking marijuana at least among rats, who appear to have sprouted new brain cells and besides benefiting from reduced depression and anxiety.

Chernobyl disaster
Chernobyl) was a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the city of Pripyat, then located in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union (USSR). An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere, which spread over much of the western USSR and Europe.

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Dude I clicked on one of your links..

and it took me to this place : Ending Cannabis Prohibition Forums

Where it's like a yuku forum that consists of just you.. and like literally hundreds if not thousands of posts just like the one here.

But there are not replies, just posts.. thousands of Ddc posts throughout the years. Is actually kinda trippy...
Link to my blog
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93% of the nuke plants are leaking.
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tragically misinformed
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Originally Posted by Sir-Ex View Post
Dude I clicked on one of your links..

and it took me to this place : Ending Cannabis Prohibition Forums

Where it's like a yuku forum that consists of just you.. and like literally hundreds if not thousands of posts just like the one here.

But there are not replies, just posts.. thousands of Ddc posts throughout the years. Is actually kinda trippy...
That's like a ketamine nightmare...
resurrection comes
not from iron nails and battered bodies,
but from the pungent warmth
of rich soil and rotting leaves
where dry seeds sprout
and grow toward the sun.

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I decided to make it a library and I've never tried K. Just a free place to stash info. No big deal unless you're afraid of info. Anyone is free to create their own yuku forum and do with it what you please. They don't like cuss words but have never censored content. There is a forum for visitors to post but I don't visit much and seldom read or answer questions.

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Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention
from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol then Ganja//Hemp.
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Lost in Space
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Everywhere on the planet (with the exception of France, who got it right)

Every nuke plant is of a different set of plans, they are not the same. France, on the other hand, has ALL plants almost identical, any plant operator from any plant can/could sit down & do his job equally as well, in any other plant. Pripyat (chernobyl) The clowns were experimenting, 'in the dark!' & f'ed up, big time.

Dont know what the nips were thinking in their design of fukishima, living on the 'ring of fire' they should expect earthquakes & ensueing seiches/tidalwaves/tsunamis to nail them, AND plan for them. Learn from the US, Russia, & even learn from France, , ,


'I'm here just to establish an alibi'
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