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Herbal Activism Dedicated to Ken Gorman/Governor. A place to post up coming events, laws, news articles or special things you do for activism.

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Decade Yahookan
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Cool Cops Maliciously Punish Amputee by Confiscating Scooter

Amputee Sues Over Confiscated Scooter
CN Source: Associated Press March 24, 2005

Portland, Ore. -- Vicki Marie Tyler, a diabetic amputee with a medical marijuana card, says she was asleep on her couch when 13 police officers raided her North Portland home looking for drugs. Though officers found less than an ounce of marijuana during the 2003 raid, they seized her electric scooter on the grounds in was bought with drug money. A jury last year acquitted Tyler of drug-dealing charges.

Now Tyler is trying to make it 2-for-2 in the courts, filing a federal lawsuit against the Portland Police Bureau because it kept her scooter for more than three months — until a Multnomah County judge ordered the bureau to give it back.

The police seized her scooter, among other pieces of property, even though the warrant did not list any property eligible for seizure, said David D. Park, Tyler’s attorney.

The police can seize property thought to be bought with drug profits, such as guns and expensive stereo equipment. But Park said the police had no reason to believe that Tyler, an arthritic diabetic with kidney failure who uses a prosthetic leg, used drug profits to buy a scooter that requires a prescription from a physician.

The suit seeks $15,000 for emotional pain and suffering. The suit also seeks punitive damages, claiming the police either maliciously sought to punish her or recklessly deprived her of her right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

The Portland city attorney’s office had not received a copy of the suit Wednesday. A Portland police spokesman declined to comment to The Oregonian.

The lawsuit names 13 Portland police officers, including former Officer Jason H. Sery, who shot and killed an unarmed motorist named James Jahar Perez last year. Sery was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by a grand jury.

Complete Article:

CannabisNews Medical Marijuana Archives

Electric Motor Scooter Articles Mar 25 2005
* Corvallis Gazette-Times: Amputee sues over confiscated scooter
* Amputee sues Portland police over confiscated scooter
* Statesman Journal: Confiscated scooter brings lawsuit by amputee
* The Oregonian: Amputee sues police for taking scooter in raid
* Amputee suing Portland police over confiscated scooter

Think of the message being sent to the kids?

Why are we Lying to our Children?

The Kubby Family by Pete Brady (04 Sept, 2000)

(Excerpts) Steve Kubby, a cancer survivor and author of an award-winning book called "The Politics of Consciousness," had just finished a 1998 campaign for governor when 21 police officers burst into his California mountain home in January, 1999. After being mistreated in jail, Kubby and his wife found their home ransacked, their reputation trashed, their money and magazine business ruined by police.

At Kubby's urging, a Sacramento newspaper did a six month investigation of Placer County's anti-pot police unit, and found that officers conducted illegal searches in a number of cases, some of which were later thrown out due to police misconduct.

Medical marijuana advocates Michele and Steve Kubby are anticipating a ruling "any day now" on their historic bid to become Canada's first officially-sanctioned reefer refugees.

The Kubbys fled to Canada from California three years ago, after Steve was found guilty of minor drug law violations and was told that he would not be able to use life-saving medical marijuana after his conviction.

Steve Kubby suffers from a rare form of cancer, and has long argued that marijuana is the only reason that the cancer has not killed him. A recent article in the prestigious journal "Nature" agreed with Kubby, stating that marijuana killed cancer tumors by cutting off their blood supply.

Medical Marijuana User Claims Persecution in US

The U.S. federal government says medical marijuana use is a hoax and anyone who uses it should go to jail for a long time, he said.

Cancer specialists say Kubby's pot intake reduces his risk of a heart attack by controlling blood pressure spikes, rapid heart beats, headaches and chest pains caused by the over production of adrenaline.

Kubby told the hearing his greatest fear is having his two daughters taken away, a tactic he says U.S. prosecutors use against medical marijuana users.

Letter to Health Canada about RCMP illegally seizing and destroying
Steve's medical marihuana - despite exemption

"There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Philipino's and Entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others."
Harry Anslinger, Commissioner of Narcotics testifying to Congress on why marijuana should be made illegal, 1937.
(Marijuana Tax Act, signed August 2 1937; effective Oct.1, 1937)

Andrew Looney: Activist

Psychosis, Hype And Baloney

Police Launch Petition Drive Against Pot Law

UN Condemns UK Cannabis Laws

Jonathan Magbie

Judge and Executioner
Jonathan Magbie, a quadriplegic Washington, DC man, died in jail. Though he was found guilty of possessing a single joint, his real crimes - in the judge's eyes - were in saying that marijuana made him feel better and that he would continue to smoke it for that very reason. continued...

A Judicial Crime - the killing of Jonathan Magbie

2004-10-07: Judge Retchin Is A Murderer

A Son's Death, a Mother's Unanswered Questions

Another Unnecessary Death in D.C.

Disabled Man Dies In D.C. Jail

Brownie Mary bakes no more by Pete Brady (01 Jul, 1999)
Beloved San Fran icon dies after years of distributing medical brownies and love.

It was hard keeping up with the elderly woman
whom San Francisco marijuana activists called Brownie Mary Rathbun.

Pot Grower, 75, Given Year in Jail

Grandmother has cannabis by No 10
Patricia Tabram @ 03/05/2005 02:20 PM GMT
Dr Bong, thanks for all your support. I'm in the process of having a website designed, When its done, I'll be looking to get some more support through people like yourself and everyone who is hurting because of the wrongheadedness of the government's laws.

Older Americans Overwhelmingly Support Legalizing

Drug War Zealots Pressure AARP To Kill MMJ Story

Angel's Fight to Stay Alive

Angel Raich v. Ashcroft

Angel Raich v. Ashcroft News

I Really Consider Cannabis My Miracle

High Expectations - San Francisco Bay Guardian

Cannabis and The Constitution


WAMM Raided on September 5, 2002

Pictures From WAMM Protest

Declaration of Arnold Leff, M.D.

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Decade Yahookan
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DEAth Distortions, Manipulations, Deceptions...

Marijuana Drug Czar Distorts Report
Maybe John Walters, unbeknown to us, has medical expertise beyond that of the world's leading physicians and researchers. Or maybe he's lying in a desperate attempt to save a collapsing policy.

Cannabis Shrinks Tumors: Government Knew in 74

What the WHO doesn't want you to know about cannabis

D.E.A. Confirms Grounds To Remove Cannabis from Sch#1

Police officials lied to toughen laws...

Drug Czar Manipulating Data in a Report to Congress Deceptions

PDFA - Slickly Packaged Lies

The FBI and Me -- An American Story

The Murder of Peter McWilliams

Peter McWilliams: 1950 – 2000
"As a result, his AIDS viral load, which had been "undetectable," soared to dangerous levels. Peter was also very fragile psychologically. Aggravated by his health and legal problems, he often suffered from debilitating bouts of depression. Certainly, he was badly damaged by being in federal detention, and he knew from that experience that he could not survive very long if he were sent to prison.

Peter McWilliam's Memorial Page

US Prosecutes Cancer Patient Over Marijuana

Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do by Peter McWilliams

Rainbow Farm Massacre

Tom Crosslin - Nov. 10, 1954 - Sept. 3, 2001
Rollie Rohm - Dec. 27, 1972 - Sept. 4, 2001

On Labor Day weekend 2001, "Tom and Rollie were executed by the forces of so-called law and order" at the campground near Vandalia. "They were not killed to protect the public safety, to punish them for smoking cannabis or because of the plants in their basement," according to the Michigan Cannabis Action Network announcement of the vigil.

"Our friends worked boldly and passionately to change destructive, unjust laws and to inspire same; and in the end they rejected the authority of a court that had amply shown its bias. They refused to hide. They refused to run. They refused to bow down. And for that, the Police State ground them up in its gears."

Federal and state police kill owner of Rainbow Farm

James Geddes: 90 years for 5 medicinal plants...,J.html

Will Foster 93 Years For Cannabis

Tribute to cannabis campaigner Biz Ivol
BIZ Ivol, the multiple sclerosis patient who campaigned for the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, has been nominated for a posthumous award for her work in helping fellow MS sufferers. Ivol died at her home in Orkney last year.

(Excerpted) Biz was the lady who first made Cannabis Chocolate for fellow MS patients, like Colin Davies, another UK man who was punished for supplying cannabis to seriously ill people who approached him for help, began to post out chocolate to fellow MS sufferers around the country.[/b]

Like Colin, Biz was approached by the press and told her story honestly.

Colin Davies

The result: raids by the so-called Drugs Squad, search and arrest, then to be made to suffer unbearable stress whilst waiting almost 2 years for her trial which began in June 2003.

MS Cannabis Campaigner Raided: BBC On-Line, 17 August 2001

The Much Needed Cannabis Discussion (Excerpted)
‘In practical terms marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume…. Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.’- FL Young (1988)DEA Administrative Law Judge.

The government and its strictures and legislation on cannabis are resulting in many suffering from illnesses to be deemed as criminals. Orkney Islander Biz Ivol experienced this when his home was raided and his cannabis plants were confiscated. continued...

Medical Cannabis Advocates Face Up to 40 Years
Lynn and Judy Osburn are charged in federal court with cultivating medical marijuana in accordance with California state law, HS 11362.5 and in agreement with the city of West Hollywood and the Los Angeles Cannabis Resource Center.

Osburn Defense Fund

Lynn and Judy Osburn

Biomass Resources for Energy and Industry
by Lynn and Judy Osburn © 1993


Part One by Lynn Osburn

Part II, Hempseed Oils and the Flow of Life Force by Lynn Osburn

Energy Farming In America by Lynn Osburn

Hemp Plywood Becomes a Reality by Lynn and Judy Osburn
North Coast XPress, Feb./Mar 1994

Auction Action by Judy Osburn
"Police seized vehicles" exclaimed the advertisements for the Labor Day weekend auction. Four FEAR activists arrived at United Public Auctions in Upland, California early Saturday morning in time for the 7 a.m. auction preview. We intended to alert bidders that their own car could easily be forfeited under the unfair laws by which the vehicles up for auction were seized.

America's New POWs
Faces from the Human Rights and the Drug War exhibit
A project of Human Rights 95 (HR95)
POW Photo Gallery: Click names or thumbnails for information
on any of these highlight cases.

About 60% of federal prisoners are drug offenders.
Just 3% are violent offenders.
Whereas violent offenders serve an average of 54% of their prison term,
drug offenders are legally required to serve at least 85% of their prison term.

Source: US Justice Department Bureau of Prison Statistics

Todd McCormick 5 - 10 years for treating neck cancer.

Bryan Epis Sentenced to Ten Years

Shattered Lives

America's Private Gulags

The Real Price of Prisons

It Was Not the Drug, but the Criminalisation

"Did you really think we want those laws observed?" said Dr. Ferris. "We want them to be broken. You'd better get it straight that it's not a bunch of boy scouts you're up against... We're after power and we mean it... There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that's the system, Mr. Reardon, that's the game, and once you understand it, you'll be much easier to deal with." ('Atlas Shrugged' 1957)
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Seizures, Forfeitures, Confiscation a Lucrative Bonus

Americans Funding Fascist'

Spoils of Drug War Forfeitures Prove Too Lucrative

Seizures By Police Help Fund Drug War

Bonus Payment To Informant Draws Criticism

Anti-Crime Eviction Law Considered

Government Property Seizures out of Control

Policing For Profit: The Drug War's Hidden Economic Agenda

CannabisNews Articles - Forfeiture

L.A. Forfeiture Squads Kill California Millionaire

War Against Marijuana is Crackpot

Addicted to the Drug War

DEA Raids MMJ Garden of Sister Somayah

News items about Renee

We Must End the Unwinnable War on Drugs

The Drug War - Back To The Stone Age

Criminal Possession Law is Reefer Madness


Forfeiture Endangers Americans Rights

Families Against Mandatory Minimums

"Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience . . . Therefore [individual citizens] have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring"
Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal, 1950

Global Ganja Gathering MMM
This year's march: May 7, 2005 - May Day Weekend

Visit the MMM Home Page

Drug Reform Coordination Network

Cops Against The Drug War


When Smoke Gets In My I By Chris Bennet
The First Cultivated Crop
Professor Richard E. Schultes, the director of the Botanical Museum at Harvard University and a prominent researcher in the field of psychoactive plants, wrote an article titled Man and Marijuana in which he states: ...early man experimented with all plant materials that he could chew and could not have avoided discovering the properties of cannabis (marijuana), for in his quest for seeds and oil, he certainly ate the sticky tops of the plant.

Human Rights and the WoD

Drug Sense

Change the Climate

Cannabis News

MAP Inc.Org.

A.C.L.U. War on Drugs

Search: Forfeiture

Drug Policy and Civil Asset Forfeiture (Drug Policy) (10/18/2002)

Nazism or the Ganjawar?

SCAPEGOATING - Blaming social problems on a cultural, racial, or behaviorial group.


"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
will make violent revolution inevitable."
-- John F. Kennedy

Marijuana Revolution by John Sinclair

John Sinclair

10-4-2 John Lennon - John Sinclair

How FIJA Saved My Life!

Cannabis Club Raided
By Rosanna Mah March 23, 2005
The United Medical Caregivers Clinic was raided by the LAPD on Tuesday, March 15, at around 3 p.m. after receiving a resident’s complaint about people smoking marijuana joints along Wilshire Boulevard and Muirfield Avenue, not far from the location of the clinic.

Ripping medicine out of the hands of the terminally ill
Strike another blow for inhumanity. The DEA apparently has no time to wait for the Supreme Court decision on the question of whether California Prop 215 trumps federal interstate commerce law and is very busy out there in California raiding another one of those "dangerous" compassionate care organizations growing medical marijuana to provide to chronically ill patients.

Cannabis Club Raided by DEA November 03, 2001
"They were as gracious as they can be when they are raping you,"
Imler says of the DEA agents.

Ed Rosenthal's Trial Pictures & Articles
Marijuana Policy Project
Americans For Safe Access

"They say you can't legislate morality. Well, you certainly can."
John Ashcroft Chicago Tribune May 25, 1998

For Ashcroft, Ideology Overrides Suffering

John Ashcroft Declares War On Non-Terrorists

To Fight Terrorism, First Scuttle the Drug War

Priorities, Priorities, Terrorism, Not Pot

America's Other War

How Terrorists Profit from Drugs

Silencing Political Dissent

Terrorism and the Constitution

The Law of Posse Comitatus

The Drug War Is The Inquisition by Dan Russell

The War on Drugs is Necessitating War on Terrorism

Supporting the Drug War Supports Terrorism By Andrew Looney
Who Are The Real Bad Guys?

Bush's Faustian Deal With the Taliban
National Column Robert
Published May 22,2001 in the Los Angeles Times
Enslave your girls and women, harbor anti-U.S. terrorists, destroy every vestige of civilization in your homeland, and the Bush administration will embrace you. All that matters is that you line up as an ally in the drug war, the only international cause that this nation still takes seriously. That's the message sent with the recent gift of $43 million to the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan, the most virulent anti-American violators of human rights in the world today.
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Thumbs up Another incredible post.....

You are the greatest poster on this forum.
A true patriot is always ready to stand up against his own government.

We can't be using plants that come from the Lord for beneficial purposes. Now hurry up, or we'll be late for church.

The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.-Adolf Hitler

Legalizing marijuana won't grow our economy-Barack Hussein Obama 2009
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Posts: n/a
Thumbs up

Originally Posted by patriot
You are the greatest poster on this forum.
no doubt
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Wink Thanks...

I remember when I started posting at the original forum I kept getting scolded for screwing up the BB code...

"Marihuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing"
Federal Bureau of Narcotics Chief Harry J. Anslinger, 1948

The Original "Dragnet" (1952)

Here's the first TV version of the classic crime drama
series, and an interesting and unintentionally funny clip
from catalog tape #452. Friday and his partner investigate
the trashing of a local movie theater. It seems that
teenagers got high on marijuana and destroyed the place.
It's 1952 television's version of "Refer Madness"!

HIGH SCHOOL, youngsters who turn to banditry for thrills, girls who leap from skyscraper windows, striplings who chop
their parents to death . . . . The list of holdups, sex crimes, murders and suicides by marijuana addicts could be
multiplied indefinitely.



Your body belongs to your country...
-First of the 10 Commandments of the Hitler Youth

"Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell,
and also the other way around,
to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise."

From Benito Mussolini contributing to the "London Sunday Express," December 8, 1935


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free the herb
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super thread
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