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big bud x white widow-week 3 flowering-having issues help!

hya all after me over ferting my plants and then doin a mega flush im still having some issues i could do with some advice
firstly i nuked quite a few lower fan leaves(all yellow and crispy")so flushed
and now im still getting some yellowing here and there but i hope im past the worst
but now im getting lighter coloured leaves towards the colas?
ive searched online and some say nitrogen deficiency and other things
also my ph is a bit high for soil around 7
but ive read not to bother adjusting ph in soil grows
the bloom stuff im using is dutch pro a+b and just says betweeen 100-300ml per 100litres of water-i use 5 liter bottles for measuring and was putting 5 ml of a then another 5ml of b-thats how i over fert them
im at a loss really-trying so hard not to stress em after them hermying last time
my temps are great this grow-good ventilation
im toyng with the idea of returning to miracle grow and fucking the other off
i never had any problems til i fried to b clever using bllom nutes
any advice please-besides my rant the plants look healthy
peace jed
pics attached
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I think you're on the right track..

Feed them, but not too hard. If they lose a few lower fan leaves now this is not a crisis, they are fairly well along the way by now.
When you water do you water so there is some run off from the plant? Even when you are feeding them this helps stop salts building up in the soil.

I try to avoid flushing with plain water (except at the end, before harvest) unless absolutely necessary.

7 pH is a little high. I would adjust the pH unless you are using all organics. I'd go for about 6 pH or just slightly over.
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