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major leaf yellowing since yesterday-am i losing my grow?

hya all since yesterdays very mild feed the lightening/yellowing of my leaves seems to have accelerated up the plant- im startin to panic a bit now my other plant seems ok?
i dont know whether its hungry wiv a bit of nitrogen deficiency or its over ferted again and needs another flush?
ive made a half strenghth feed of phostrogen npk-14-10 27 but not used it yet
pics attached
peace jed
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There is a time lag between feeding a plant and seeing the effects on the plant, usually a few days.
Don't flush again or overfeed- make small changes now to the nutes not large ones..

They are showing some nitrogen deficiency so increase the feed slightly if you want. Better to have some N def than to overfeed then have to flush again.

Don't panic!
Cultivate a stoic calmness
Fuck the Monkeys
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jed (04-08-2013)
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cheers fg wot i did is i flushed 1 and fed the other to see wot happens besides that i didnt see wot else to do
over fert and over fed not goot
ill dry em out a bit and b more careful
its not affecting the buds or colas yet so mite have time for em to recover
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Old 04-17-2013, 12:45 PM   #4 (permalink)
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I've had this happen before, sometimes it turns out to be ph imbalances that make other nutrients unavailable. Farmer is right... Flush well to run off (maybe even excess runoff) and let the plant go trough that water. Then start feeding till the plant reaponds
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