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Lightbulb Need Advices : Growing with LED Lights

I've started this thread to discuss the best ways to utilize a LED panel to achieve the best results possible. I hope the experienced LED growers will post their best practices to achieve the best results here in one place making it easier for others to improve their grows.
One of the things that prompted me to start this post was distance of the panel from the top of the plants. It is said that in higher wattage panels it is best to keep the lights further away say 28"to 30" to increase the size and density of the buds. I kept my 90 watt Initial-LED Grow Lights at 20" and ended up with smaller fluffier buds and now after learning about the distance making a difference I will try the next grow at 30" to see how much better my buds will be.

You are welcome to give some more advices/suggestions based on your personal experience.
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I've been waiting for someone to tell me that LED lights work as well as HID lights. I'd love to save all that cash I spend on electricity. I don't recall anyone around here trying a serious LED grow so I don't imagine there will be a lot of advice forthcoming. I certainly am confused as to why one would increase the distance between the light and plant and expect better results. Must be an LED thing I don't understand.
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LEDs= Low energy, longer growing times

extend flowering times by atleast a month when using leds
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