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Introduce Yourself Say high and introduce yourself, no identifying information needed, just share a bit about yourself and the benefits you receive from marijuana.

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Hello World from a Temporary Part of Oregon

Temporary in that when the Big One hits where I sit right now will be suddenly about 25 feet ESE of here and 20 feet below sea level; and then if there's time before the 60 foot wall of water gets here we can try to climb into hills that in the mean time would themselves be coming at us.

So that's something to think about.

Ah, but if I want a bowl to assist thought, I have within reach several businesses all anxious to help out with my needs. Yes, it's a Brave New World here on the upper left coast. I'm still trying to figure out if it's a good thing altogether. Most of these procurers are backed by big money and commercial grows, and their best is not as good as the average product of the one I utilize, an older place connected to more caring horticulturalists. That latter has provided what's in my pipe - pffft! ... ahhhh ... what was in my pipe, along with an exact readout (which I ignore) of its most interesting ingredients, and I paid just over $60 for a magnificent tasty 7 grams.

Cuz, see, I get a senior discount.

That's right. I take a pleasant walk to meet pleasant people and get less-expensive, still excellent smoke, and a senior discount, and a receipt, and a nice little bag marked 'From Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacy!' and 'Thanks for shopping locally' at the door. For crap's sake it might as well be Ozzie and Harriet taking the boys to the drug store to get ice cream.

I don't see how it can last. The big harsh growers will certainly push out the little guys. But maybe not. I'm actually hoping soon to pay more for the better-tasting organic grow to encourage the splitting of the market.

I had the experience once of smoking pot that had been harvested early, when only about a third of the little white hairs had turned gold. It was a stunning, almost LSD-like head high. Problem is, if you take it early you lose (at least as I understand it; never grown it myself) half or more of yield; but I definitely would pay double for that kind of mind-centered high, and I'm hoping the market will supply.

Anyway, however it comes out; at least with what I get from the one supplier, nothing's changed in what I smoke. (For a while they had a "Blue City Diesel" that despite its car-chase-movie name had a taste so evocative of some half-remembered scent of my childhood, back in the neolithic. Loved it.) But it's always been great and cheap here: $40/eighth. It got a bit better and, if you had good connections, much cheaper when Medical got going: I was paying closer to $25 for magnificent smoke, tho I hadn't a card. It seems to be holding its quality, at least at some outlets, and close to the historic price: by the gram, $10-15 with daily 7gm limit.

And of course don't forget, a Senior Discount. And a bag.

Otherwise, I'm a poor (though only financially) old man with crazy ideas about the world and all the time I need to type about them. A dangerous combination, as you seem already ripe with examples of. Doubtless I will add much noise and little signal to that tradition.
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This guy is already one of my favorite yahookans.
Will fit in perfectly and out-yahookan the rest of you bums.

Welcome man.

My one comment to your line about the big guys pushing out the little guys, is that as long as you can legally grow your own, that will not be an issue. Even if the market gets monopolized by corporate giants, if you dont want that corporate bud you can just buy a seed online and plant that fucker.
Which is why i dont even care about legal pot shops. I just want to be able to legally grow.

The whole notion is still foreign to be though, as i live on the opposite coast (in an area also soon doomed to be swallowed by the sea) and everything is still oh so illegal.
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-Knowitall A&P type-
Originally Posted by Lloydy View Post
everything in moderarion (especially moderation)
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You are right, I think, about growing your own. Even those of us who can't or won't grow benefit from home ops. It's lots of fun to watch the new law work itself out tho; from the unthinkable to abundance in a deep scented breath. The highway brings people here from Big City has a large store at each end and, in case you just can't make the long hour between, a small one in the middle. Note: that's not a complaint. Just its amazing to see. And yet is it, when the lighter hits the pipe, any different? Not so much. Odd.
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btw here's the label on Blue City Diesel: thc 21% cbd 0.2% Batched. Don't know much about what that means, and don't care. It tasted great. I thought when I had choice I'd make it on strength, on numbers, but I don't. I go by taste and smoothness. That surprises me.
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Life is Subtext
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Cool. A new member that's not a bot.

The Rev

Budforce - My Friend
August 29, 1973- May 25, 2012

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