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Voice of Reason
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I had bought a Sony Bravia LED 3DTV over black friday, but finally decided to buy the shutter glasses and some content to make use of it a few days ago.

Picked up four movies:

Alice in Wonderland [came bundled with glasses]
Under the Sea 3D
Deep Sea 3D
Space Station 3D

I have watched them all, and here's my review for 3D. Overall it is pretty impressive, but does have certain asterisks.

To truly make the most of it, you do need as big a TV as you can buy/fit. A small frame with 3D can really pull you out of the experience as the borders on which the image can move around in is limited. I have a 55" TV, and even that when there are a lot of elements that are supposed to be peripheral don't 'pop' in until the object comes within the window.

Based on the advertising/reviews, I was expecting things to jump out at me like they do in the prints/commercials, but it was actually the opposite. 3D definitely added the third dimension, depth. The TV doesn't seem like a window, it's a portal. Things that were supposed to be far away really seemed far away. Horizons and waterscapes were spectacular to view. It was like having terrariums/aquariums instead of pictures. Even views of Earth from the Space Station you can make out some distance from the atmosphere and the ground. Some images do break the fourth wall, but don't expect anything that is perceivably inches from your face to look good. HD 3D is an incredible sight when all the elements are perfect, but when things were too close to the camera lens the effect great. The best content for 3D televisions are not like the movies where things try to get as close as they can to you, but a simple, interesting subject matter with the proper amounts of distance. Something like Planet Earth is just craving the 3D treatment.

Also, with the shutter glasses version of 3D tech, there is some noticeable flickering on extremely bright scenes, but if the content is enjoyable it won't bother you.

All in all, it was a pretty pricey upgrade, $350 for two glasses and a movie, plus $80 for 3 more 3D documentaries. Good to get, but no need to get right away as there's hardly any content available. The reason I got these movies was because there wasn't anything better out there yet, and the only way to get Avatar 3D is by buying the $300 Panasonic shutter glasses which are incompatible with my Sony TV.

So I'd recommend getting it... eventually.
Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought. -H. Bergson
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I'm sorry sir, you have boughten into a gimmick...
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It has zero political or cultural value. It is reactionary in the worse sense: a gnarled wailing of a million broken losers joined in the comradery of hate and petty personal grievance.
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Voice of Reason
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Well I had bought the TV initially for solely the 2D content, and every trustworthy review suggested buying 3DTVs for their superior image processing, so it was worth to it to me months ago on black friday already. Even if 3D vision does fade out, I have a solid TV. Honestly after getting one i don't see that happening, but I do see a small, niche market for it. Not the mainstream market they are hoping for, though.

I am enjoying it, and I'm looking forward to getting CoD Black Ops and running around through its 3D construction plus any other good ps3 games with 3D content.
Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought. -H. Bergson
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*slinks out quietly*
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