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Speed Reading...

Anyone ever tried this for a while and get any results?

Free online speed reading software |
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This way of presenting words is commonly called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) and it has some significant disadvantages due to the fact that reading text horizontally with the possibility of regressing (looking back a few words) is how we maximize our comprehension. Here are some facts about reading:

the amount of time you spend fixating on each word is a function of the frequency of that word. Words you encounter often are easier for you to recognize and integrate into the sentence than words that you encounter rarely. Word frequency depends on your exposure to words and you become a faster reader the more you read (the more exposure you have to low frequency words). This software presents words at a fixed speed, limiting your ability to spend little time (or skip) words that are easy for you and spend a little longer on words that are more challenging to ensure that you have appropriately accessed that word in your mental lexicon

regressing - or going back a few words- is the best strategy to get "unstuck" when reading. Ambiguous sentences or sentences that are more complex require more work on your part to understand because you have to tie together all of the syntactic relations between the words in order to take home the meaning of the sentence. You can't do this with RSVP and you end up going forwards without actually understanding the sentence completely.

comprehension is not linear. Sometimes we pause to understand a sentence or a paragraph and sometimes we just power through. This is because we are not processing the meaning of a sentence at a constant speed throughout our "reading session".

Software that speeds up your reading to 500 words per minute. (The average reading speed is 120-180 words per minute). Not sure what to think of it. : books
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i use it for reading blogs/newspaper articles sometimes around 500wpm. It doesn't pause for punctaution or formatting so it can be a bit hard to follow. if i want to understand better i back off to 250-300wpm. but if it is something important i am trying to understand deeply i would not use this
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I read nonfiction much faster than fiction.

That is if I just want a plot
I can plow through but I'd I want to get lost in my imagination I may saunter through and pause often.
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