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Old 02-10-2015, 10:14 PM   #1 (permalink)
AKA: tl;dr
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News media in the news. What a joke!

OMG... I just threw up in my mouth! News media types on Fox are referring to their arch-enemy at NBC as widely respected!? Respected by who? Other lying scumbags that are just happy it was him and not them no doubt.

Not that I watch any of the main stream crap any longer (Aljizeera America these days), but this business with Brian Williams is hilarious on so many different levels I can hardly stand it. I don't know which is more ridiculous to watch... Williams' past lies being replayed on Fox, or the collective fwap-fest that the Fox douche's are barely able to contain. They keep saying that they take no great pleasure in what's going on, but then they commit almost the entire evening of broadcasts to eviscerating the dumb fucker. You just know that their unseen hands are goin' to town under that anchor desk. Fucking clown party.

Each day that goes by will doubtless see more and more Williams fairy tale telling exposed, which is great, and I hope that the blogasphere continues to roast him alive. Fox is predictably trite and self righteous, 'cuz they of course never lie , but I would agree that them bring Hitlery's bullshit back up is relevant. If she would just shut the fuck up and go away it would be different, but she's not, she's running for President. Watch now as all of the MSM that support this silly bitch do whatever they can to minimize her lies with such idiocy as "well, so and so lied, so she's not doing anything every body else does"... 'cuz the bar has been lowered that much.

Regarding Williams though, and NBC specifically, the reason they didn't fire him outright was because they've been aware of his lying bullshit for years and did nothing about it, so the good news is, maybe NBC will finally fold up their so called news division, 'cuz who the fuck would want to watch it? The Egyptian dipshit that they hired who stuck his foot in his mouth about the sniper was just another part of the perfect storm. For fuck's sake, Williams was awarded a Peabody for his bullshit fables from Katrina. Makes about as much sense in retrospect as Yobama getting a Nobel Prize for being Black.
What a country!

I'd like to see this overly dramatic lying shit bag doing the early morning show in some pus-hole in the Louisiana swamps. What a douche!

One down and a dozen to go. How about Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity getting caught sucking each other off.

Meanwhile John Boner invites Nuttier-than-a-cuckoo to speak to Congress? Yeah... that's totally appropriate? What a fucking retard. This next election cycle is gonna be a freaking joke.

I'm calling it now; Frau Hitlery will be our next POTUS. Watch and be amazed as the crippled MSM turns her ascendance to the thrown into a male vs. female battle. The maroons that make up our electorate will respond to the propaganda in typical fashion, but watching how the media crafts their shit is till interesting, in a behavioral rat study kinda way. Even in their diminished state, they are still effective at influencing the sheep.

Other than that, John Stewart quits to go make serious movies or some such shit. Oh no!
It's kinda shocking and depressing just how many people actually looked to him for their political news and views, but at least he's smarter and better informed than fucktard Marr. Bill's just an idiot.

So... where do you get your news and world view? I used to immerse myself in the shit, but finally realized that it's just not worth the aneurism. Now I just occasionally catch up, just to be ready for whatever crap they're gonna pull next. Still hit sites like ZeroHedge, Demonacracy, the Onion, etc., but the bottom line is probably 95% of what news I do get I get on-line. What say you?

I'm thinkin' South Park should get Peabody too.
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'Civilization is a cruel hoax'
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