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The Nursery Basic Growing - New to growing? Checking your basic technique? Ask your basic canna-cultivation questions here. Please make use of the FAQ resources and search engine.

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hydro system for beginners

First i want to say that hydro is not near as complicated as some make it. Yes make it not make it out to be complexity and equipment is all up to you. The more you spend on your set up the more dificult it tends to become. I will use my system as an exsample.

I am assuming some knoledge of growing i recomend 2 dirt crops before you try hydro.
So to start what a hydro system is.

1 hydro is the prosses of of growing in a soil free enviroment.

2 this is achived by moving large quanities of water bearing food over the roots.

I will start by saying that everything after this point can be scaled up to fit any sized grow.

My box uses a 150w high pressure sodium light and 8 standard cfls.

So to begin we will need some materials.
2 rubbermaid or steralite containers."i prefer rubbermaid as they tend to not be clear (holds out light to help prevent algea growth.) And they tend to cut with snips easier.
1 pair of snips."mine are for cutting siding and thin sheet metal"
1 drill with 1 inch hole bit and some 1/8th to 1/4 inch bits.
Scrap lumber" i used slats from an old bed for a while.
2 mylar emergency blankets.
1 peice of wire fencing
A closet or space large enough to accomadate the rubber maid toats.
1 pump" if your home allday or in emergencies a bucket will work but i dont recomend a manual system as it can and will dry out and die in a few hours."
1 Light.
Now to build it
Cut one toat in half and drill a hole in the side that will sit by the door at 1/4th inch this will accomadate most vynle or pvc tubes for most cheap pumps.
Now drill one hole 1/4 inch in the bottom of the half toat
This will be your top resivore now fill the uncut toat or bottom resivore with clean watter.
Use slats or boards to support the top resivore.
Place top resivore on slats and set up your pump.
Do this out side ao you can dump it when done with the test run.
Power on the pump and watch how fast and how far your system fills up.
If it goes twords overflowing increase the diamiter of the drain hole in the bottom of the top resivore.
Now when your system gathers about 2 inches of watter in it in a half an hour cut the pump dump the watter and let it dry.

Now prep your space by hanging the mylar blankets doubled over and stapled to the wall flat " in my pics you can see i did not use mylar but instead salvaged an insulated windsheild reflector for keeping your car from getting really hot while in the sun.

Hang your lights in the space and add nails to the wall and bend them up sobthey can hold your scrogg." I made my scrogg removable as i use a compartmentalized system where everything except the lights are swappable. This allows me to use the same hydro equipment in veg and flower and the removable scrogg makes movung plants from veg to flower easier.
Now with the scrogg in place add your orcid pellets into your top basin and slude the whole setup into place. If your doing a system for a larger light simply use the top that came with the toats for the bottom resivore and drill corisponding holes in the top for your drain and four holes for the posts for the scrogg dowel rods can be used as removeable connectors for your scrogg
Now put watter in the bottom resivore and add food and plant your rooted plants. Connect timer to pump and set to on off every 30 min.

This is an ebb and flow system that can be made for 80 bucks or less depending where you get your parts.

I recomed amazon for parts. Also it should be noted that cheap isnt the best way to go if you are incapable of building things for yourself. I have used the above system for a little over a year now and have had no problems with the designs function. I encourage people to do hydro as the results are far better but i dont recomend hydro for the very first grow. My system holds up to 8 plants at a time yeilding a little over an oz per plant. While it is true that some people use meters tk measure lvls of crap i just follow the instructions on the bottle always trying new nutes at half strength and i encourage the first time hydro grower to keep learning and working to improve your system never stop growing lol not knoldge and not weed. Here are some pics of my old beast.

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