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The Nursery Basic Growing - New to growing? Checking your basic technique? Ask your basic canna-cultivation questions here. Please make use of the FAQ resources and search engine.

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Diagnosis on CR+ flowering stage


I am growing CR+ going into week 4 and I notice that the leaves are changing colors at the lower portion of the plant and some leafs are dry and black (only the small leafs that do not get light). The only fertilized I've been using on them since the beginning of the flowering stage is "Tiger Bloom." During week 1-2 I only used 1 teaspoon that was diluted into a 1-gallon distilled water container. I watered them twice week with a half gallon of the solution at the beginning of the week and the later half of the week another half of gallon of only water no fertilizer. I've used 2 teaspoon of the fertilizer with distilled water and there has been no issues until now.

There are no yellowish or black leafs at the top of the plant only at the lower section of plant. I groomed her of all the dead leafs 5-days ago which was at 10 percent range. There was not many yellowish leafs until now. There has been a few within the last 3-weeks and I want to address this issue before it becomes a major issue. Looking at the leaf "Deficiency of Fertilization Elements Chart" and it look like its between 3-things: sulfur, nitrogen or iron deficiency.

What are your thoughts and how can i corrected this issue before its to late? Please see the attachments and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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It being the 4th week of flowering I'd say it might not be anything but the normal course of events. How are the buds looking?
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Hello Soneric,

The buds are getting bigger and starting to show signs of frost on the leafs as of today.

I notice that there are some leafs that are dried up/black in color mostly in the lower half of the plant. The leaves that are showing these signs are the smaller ones that do not get much light. There are not a lot of these leaves but more than usual.

If anyone would like to provide me some additional advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all
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Cal-mag deficiency?
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I agree with stoneric, it might be normal. I've looked up "Tiger Bloom", its NPK is 2-8-4, obviously you're feeding for flowering, so there's not much N in there so leaves will slowly say good bye. It's just important the plant makes it good till the end. Do you know how long you have to flower them? Remember to only use plain water in the last 2-3 weeks! Plant will probably yellow even more, but your smoke will be smoother (so they say, I might be able to confirm once my second grow is finished )
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