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Patriot's Memoirs One of Yahooka's great activists imparts stories and memories of his work.

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Post Chapter 46 Old Age.....

In the U.S., people around sixty are considered old or older anyway. This is what I have found out about what happens to people in their sixties. First, the aches and pains begin to arrive. Everything that has happened to me physically is rearing it's ugly head basically. I am fortunate because I am intelligent enough to know how to keep pain at bay with no opiods. I love that term. Cannabis products of all sorts that are now available to me are a great help and keep me very productive. I have changed my diet. I found out potatoes are good for aggravating arthritis pain.

Most of the ailments I have now come from my rough and tumble younger days. I played several seasons of football in City League in Denver. I can feel any injuries I got through the years again. I am glad it is not unbearable pain. I have also learned to slow down. All the times I thought I was in a hurry. Many health issues in the U.S. are caused by the lifestyle we are packaged and sold into. The two most dangerous drugs being so readily available. Sugar products everywhere. Unhealthy food items of all sorts which are advertised during sporting events usually with the sports celebrities using them in the ad. Not too many Americans look underneath the surface. I almost enjoy seeing people in their twenties that are far overweight. They get what they deserve.

I have to say I used to live the same unhealthy lifestyle. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy that while you can because it will come back and bite you. I have found many holistic ways to remedy my ailments. They are far better than any prescription I could get from big pharma. When I tell others what I have learned, they always have some excuse why they just can't do it for themselves. I would hate to think about where I would be physically today if I would have made the same excuses. It works the same as when I was petitioning. They always had some excuse as to why they couldn't sign it.

Someone on here mentioned awhile back that I should think about retiring. I have basically done that. The trials and tribulations that I went through because of the selective prohibition created by the Controlled Substances Act are all on this forum. This includes the robberies and the arrests. Being in the cannabis business is a dangerous business. One thing Americans are good for is running towards bad things and running away from good things. Many are running through life with the blinders on. My eyes are wide open as are my ears. I would recommend to all to keep theirs wide open as well.
A true patriot is always ready to stand up against his own government.

We can't be using plants that come from the Lord for beneficial purposes. Now hurry up, or we'll be late for church.

The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.-Adolf Hitler

Legalizing marijuana won't grow our economy-Barack Hussein Obama 2009
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