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Politics And Current Affairs Discussion on politics, current affairs and law. Do something today to make a difference.

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U.S. silenced World Health Organization report on cocaine

U.S. silenced World Health Organization report on cocaine

Transform has the story:

The largest ever study of cocaine use around the globe was carried out in the early 90's by the UN World Health Organisation (WHO) and funded by the UN Inter-regional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), but under pressure from the US its publication was suppressed when it became clear the report's findings were in direct conflict with the myths, stereotypes and propaganda that prop up the war on drugs (read the complete leaked report here).

Some of the conclusions from the report that the U.S. didn't like:

* "Health problem; from the use of legal substances, particularly alcohol and tobacco, are greater than health problems from cocaine use.
* Few experts describe cocaine as invariably harmful to health. Cocaine-related problems are widely perceived to be more common and more severe for intensive, high-dosage users and very rare and much less severe for occasional, low-dosage users."

There's lots more, and the U.S. threatened to withhold funding from the WHO unless they disassociated themselves with the report. Go read Transform's entire post.

I've concluded the Ganjawar is directed by Abrahams, Zucker, and Zucker. The writers of the movie "Airplane" When Robert Stack was ask about turning on the runway lights he said, No, that's what they'll be expecting. If the WHO releases favorable data someone might read it. Their entire ball of wax scam depends on lies and censorship. That in and of itself should have red flagged someone. No one seems to mind the draconian, sneaky ways of WoD. Maybe they've increased the Fluoridation? SOSDD

What the WHO doesn't want you to know about cannabis
newscientist. 21 February 1998 by David Concar
HEALTH officials in Geneva have suppressed the publication of a politically sensitive analysis that confirms what ageing hippies have known for decades: cannabis is safer than alcohol or tobacco.

Cannabis Shrinks Tumors: Government Knew in 74
Teddy Kennedy's Cannabis Brain Tumor Cure

FDA-Approved Medical Marijuana Research Blocked
FILED 12/10/99
On December 6, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) prevented a privately funded, FDA approved medical marijuana study from taking place by refusing to allow the researcher to purchase marijuana from a legal source.

"I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast."
-- Ronald Reagan - Former President

Dr. Heath/Tulane Study, 1974

The Hype: Brain Damage and Dead Monkeys

In 1974, California Governor Ronald Reagan was asked about decriminalizing marijuana. After producing the Heath/Tulane University study, the so-called "Great Communicator" proclaimed, "The most reliable scientific sources say permanent brain damage is one of the inevitable results of the use of marijuana."
(L.A. Times)

The Facts: Suffocation of Research Animals

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Thumbs down I remember in early 2000...

Elizabeth Dole stood up on a soap box near the Mexican border and said if elected president she would stop all illegal drugs in the U.S.S.A. This prompted me to call the local chapter of the Republican Party and ask some questions.

I asked the gent on the other end if Elizabeth Dole planned to stop the C.I.A. from importing illicit drugs into the U.S. with no fear of arrest. The gent replied that there is no proof that the C.I.A. does that. I told him there is no proof that the C.I.A. does anything.

I then asked him since Amerikaan tobacco kills more people in Columbia than Columbian cocaine kills in Amerikaa, if the Republican Party would support the Columbian Government bringing their planes up here and spraying Round-Up on the tobacco fields. He immediately said" This conversation is over." and hung up. :finger:
A true patriot is always ready to stand up against his own government.

We can't be using plants that come from the Lord for beneficial purposes. Now hurry up, or we'll be late for church.

The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.-Adolf Hitler

Legalizing marijuana won't grow our economy-Barack Hussein Obama 2009
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