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Politics And Current Affairs Discussion on politics, current affairs and law. Do something today to make a difference.

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I was thinking... and i didnt feel like making a new thread so here it goes

...what is the difference between now and 2007?

in 2007 the economy was booming, home prices were skyrocketing, people were getting paid more and more and jobs were plentiful..

so what the fuck is really all that different today?

we have

the same population

the same levels of education

people still basically want to eat and spend and do the same things they did before

so what happened?


ok thats a pretty big and hard to answer question... but just in terms of one idea i had.

the new dem proposals to limit tax deductions on home interest- this to me seems like a really stupid idea... because it was all the home price rising that made people feel rich and made them spend money, before the crash...and if u do something that will make less people want to own homes, like this, it will cause the housing market to recover slower and less well... and as a result lots of the other rebound type things will be delayed or prevented from happening as well.

so... thats just one idea i was thinking about, but its sorta related to the op.... what happened? everything is still here, but for some reason its not working- that should be proof positive that its not a failure of society or the economy, but a failure of leadership!

its bush's failure of leadership too, to a certain extent, but cmon already all these yale and harvard fellas ...if they cant figure this shit out and right the ship, then wtf are they drawing these high salaries for?
The future's like the weather baby there aint no guarantees

I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.
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