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Politics And Current Affairs Discussion on politics, current affairs and law. Do something today to make a difference.

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Secretary of State?!
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"a dumping ground for the surplus births of the third world"

wow, this dude is pretty fucking creepy.

Remorseless and baffling, Breivik's testimony leaves Norway no wiser | World news | The Guardian

my interesting take (imo) on this is that Europes by comparison liberal penal laws will probably be questioned by more and more people after this trial.

after all, america developed its (often quite harsh) system based on a variety of cultural factors occuring over decades (the manson murders, the debates on capital punishment in the 60s and 70s...miranda, etc etc...)...

and europe has a very liberal love everyone kind of justice system. i dont know specifics off the top of my head but i believe that no country in europe has capital punishment and they have much more liberal policies as to parole and sentencing... and clearly, letting killers speak for an hour from a prepared speech at their trial for mass murder...

so , from my perspective its an interesting teaching moment for norway and europe in general....

perhaps there really are situations when evil people don't deserve every favorable inference and kid gloves? n'est pas?
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I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.
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Al Talib
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I think the two words you want are 'punitive' and 'rehabilitative'....
'America' vs the 'European' model.

Canada is the later system, nor has a death penalty.
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The Norwegian prison system focuses on rehabilitation rather than punishment and is very soft but this fucker will never see the light of day again, they have a "containment" sentence that can be extended indefinitely.
Norway has the lowest re-offending rates in the world mind so their system works for them.
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Grieves (04-18-2012)
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Tribune of Plebs
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I think if more people had the option to speak for themselves rather than have a lawyer couch their defense in arcane legal terms, judges and juries would see the person behind the crime and may understand their motives, leading to less needlessly severe sentences.

Maniacs like Breivik are few and far between and it is not fair to tar Norway's legal system because of a lone madman, especially considering the fact Norway is number one in quality of life while we are trailing at number six.
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Grieves (04-18-2012)
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nice daze
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the us legal system functions more like a computer than anything.

x crime commited, y punishment.

regardless of how it happened, you get your sentence based on what theyve sentenced in the past.
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Originally Posted by Mafoo View Post
the us legal system functions more like a computer than anything.

x crime commited, y punishment.

regardless of how it happened, you get your sentence based on what theyve sentenced in the past, or how much money and influence you have...
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It has zero political or cultural value. It is reactionary in the worse sense: a gnarled wailing of a million broken losers joined in the comradery of hate and petty personal grievance.
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Mafoo (04-18-2012)
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**********Some of the survivors were in the courtroom. It was sheer luck that none of Breivik's thousands of bullets hit Tore Sinding Bekkedal, a 26-year-old activist in the Norwegian Youth Labour party (AUF), but Bekkedal said he didn't want the man who murdered so many of his friends to consider him a benign force.

"I don't want him to consider me innocent," said Bekkedal during a break in court. "I want to be a threat to his world model, I really do. I want to be the kind of person that he doesn't consider to be innocent. I want to work for tolerance in society. I think that's a great thing to be working for. There is no enemy I'm more grateful for than Breivik."**********

fuck yea.

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