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Politics And Current Affairs Discussion on politics, current affairs and law. Do something today to make a difference.

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Old 04-22-2015, 05:20 AM   #21 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by SoK View Post
The US is all sorts of fucked up. I'm sick of people pointing out misguided reasons why. Black people in America can't be integrated effectively. The only way to lower the black incarceration rate is to go back to Jim Crow and let them do their thing while only intervening when shit gets serious or they roam into civilized areas.

Since that ship sailed a long time ago, there is no option but to clash with them as we pretend they can play by the same rules. Some of the recent shootings by cop come to mind as perfect examples.

Drug legalization is the same concept. Legalizing all drugs would literally eliminate many addicts and allow the lowest segment of our population to contently use to their heart's content while the state could support them much easier, less money and resources. The nanny state crowd can't have this. Tearjerker stories on the news about addicts dying or using with impunity in the open doesn't fly here. We have to pretend we're trying to stop them while playing this bullshit game of 'find the money'.
What an abhorrent opinion.
-Knowitall A&P type-
Originally Posted by Lloydy View Post
everything in moderarion (especially moderation)
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In re-reading DdC's post and the comments by the other prominent cunt, Ms. Lynch, I am astounded at the shear fucking lunacy of these people that can only be described as complete fucking idiots. First the idiot asshole in charge makes the Bill Clinton-esque statement that weed is "no worse" than ethanol, as if to cover his ass while sucking the dicks of the weed smoking crowd. Then when HIS nominee for top LEO fuck in the land comes out and says that she disagrees... weed is way worse than alcohol???
I just want to know what the fuck kinda weed she is smoking, and where can I get some?
Of course the jizz licker in charge who was supposed to be the weed crowd's savior is no better than Bush... and then he gives us this silly bitch? Where the fuck is the outrage with Yobama over this, his 99th consecutive dumb fuck proof that he's a maroon?
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