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Politics And Current Affairs Discussion on politics, current affairs and law. Do something today to make a difference.

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Decade Yahookan
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Vietnam War ends April 30, 1975 * Fr. Daniel Berrigan RIP April 30, 2016

Fr. Daniel Berrigan RIP
Jesuit, poet and peacemaker who was one of the most influential voices in shaping Catholic thinking about war and peace during the past century, died today. He was 94.

RIP Daniel J. Berrigan S. J.

Popular tweets for Daniel Berrigan.

Michael Moore @MMFlint
Fr. Daniel Berrigan. Who I became began with him as my hero.
He died today on the 41st anv of the Vietnam War's end.

Vietnam War, Period
November 1, 1955 – April 30, 1975

January 22, 1973
Lyndon Baines Johnson Died (aged 64)

January 23, 1973, the day after LBJ dies...
Nixon Announces End of U.S. Involvement in Vietnam
Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam was signed by the leaders of the official delegations in Paris on Jan. 27, 1973.

Al Capone and Watergate
No one noticed a disgraced president removing cannabis from medicine and lumping in Hemp keeping it from the farmers. Just too busy with those hotel break ins. A $Trillion has been spent letting a traitor write policy traumatizing 30M Americans with arrest records and more millions unemployed by inaccurate irrelevant drug testing. Millions suffering and dying from big pharma while the Nixon drug worriers are watching kids seizures be reduced and choose to maintain the lies and perpetuate the prohibition profits and perks.

The U.S. is celebrating the wrong anniversary for the Vietnam War

Why has our government decided to set the anniversary for this year, with commemorative events due to break out in a big way as Memorial Day approaches?

Their answer, I suppose, is that 3,500 Marines arrived in Da Nang in March of 1965—50 years ago—but commemorating the anniversary this year ignores the record. By ’65, there were already thousands of so-called “advisers” in country.

The Pentagon is expected to spend up to millions for anniversary-related events, even as protests have begun, claiming that the government’s Web site pays scant attention to the wartime protests of the 1960s. Now, as then, our collective failure to properly mark the real start of the Vietnam War reflects our failure to fully grapple with the origins or our nation’s involvement.

Nixon's Treason

George Will Confirms Nixon's Vietnam Treason
Nixon's newly revealed records show for certain that in 1968, as a presidential candidate, he ordered Anna Chennault, his liaison to the South Vietnam government, to persuade them to refuse a cease-fire being brokered by President Lyndon Johnson.

Fleshing Out Nixon’s Vietnam ‘Treason’
Out of the Watergate scandal came a favorite mainstream media saying: “the cover-up is always worse than the crime.” But the MSM didn’t understand what the real crime was or why President Nixon was so desperate, as James DiEugenio explains in reviewing Ken Hughes’s Chasing Shadows.

LBJ Tapes Show Richard Nixon May Have Committed Treason By Sabotaging Vietnam Peace Talks
The LBJ tapes were recently declassified and released by the Johnson library in Austin, Texas. According to the BBC’s summary of the tapes, not only did Nixon possibly commit treason, but LBJ knew about it and decided not to expose him in the closing days of an election that Nixon barely won.

Admissions on Nixon’s ‘Treason’
Republicans have long bristled at allegations that Richard Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign helped sink Vietnam peace talks to win the election, but Nixon’s Asian counterparts both in Saigon and Washington have been much more open about the collaboration, what President Lyndon Johnson privately called “treason.”

As ugly as Nixon was towards Americans, he is still being followed by both parties keeping cannabis from the people. On the same disgraceful politician reasons. Continuing to reject any science as Nixon did with the Shafer re-evaluation report or the 1999 IOM re-re-evaluation report. Concluding the same as the 1894 Indian Hemp Commission report.

Ganja 4 PTSD & Depression
~ Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access
~ Military Veterans Say Pot Eases PTSD
~ Veterans Form Pro-Legal Marijuana Group
~ On Afghan War 11th Anniversary
~ VA prescribes/opposes addictive drugs for PTSD
~ Why U.S. Vets Are Fighting for Medical Marijuana
~ PTSD Sufferers Qualify for Medical Marijuana
~ Republican State Senator blocks PTSD study
~ 300000 Iraq & Afghan Vets Suffer PTSD & Depression
~ PTSD People and Passive Aggressive People=a toxic mix
~ Why are Soldiers Dying in Their Sleep?
~ Did Big Pharma Influence Colorado’s Decision
to Reject Medical Marijuana for PTSD?
~ Ganja Eases Traumatic Memories

Thank God for Hippies
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stoneric (05-01-2016)
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Hitler died today too.
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Decade Yahookan
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Originally Posted by fenderbender View Post
Hitler died today too.
Must be the Preservatives...
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